Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dirty Tricks in Mississip

By Any Means Necessary In Mississippi

by A.P. Dillon | June 26th, 2014


Whether you choose the Jean Paul Sartre or Malcolm X version, what we saw happen in Mississippi was the establishment GOP making the conscious choice to make sure Cochran won by any means necessary.

Earlier this year in April, I wrote about Primary Shenanigans here in North Carolina. Folks who were Democrats were hopping party affiliation with the intent of swaying a Republican primary.

In some cases, one of the candidates in said Republican primary was not really all that conservative; in fact the paint on their Republican voter registration was barely dry. You get the picture.

Turn your attention to Mississippi now, where the same type of primary rigging went down. 

This time, however, the Republicans helped. If you think the strategy employed in Mississippi was the wonder of the Cochran 6 term machine alone at work, you’re nuts.  

John Fund at National Review cuts to the quick of it:

Imagine if a tea-party candidate in some state had openly appealed to registered Libertarians to help him win a close primary runoff. There would have been howls of outrage that people who didn’t agree with Republican values on social issues and foreign policy were being invited to decide a GOP race.Well, Thad Cochran’s allies performed a version of that ploy tonight by openly encouraging liberal Democrats to vote in the primary.
Turnout was up by some 15 percent from the June 3 contest between Cochran and Chris McDaniel.
The New York Times reported that “turnout increased by 92 percent in Jefferson County, the county where black voters represent the largest share of eligible voters in the country.”

Thad Cochran will continue in the Senate only because the GOP establishment used “walking around” money to drum up minority liberal voters for Cochran.
In Mississippi, despite an unenforceable law saying that only voters intending to vote Republican can participate in GOP primaries, there was nothing preventing that kind of primary manipulation. – NRO, Democrats Put Cochran Over the Top

Couple this with the race baiting that went on and well, there you have it. 

Cochran manages to shuffle over the finish line by using the Liberal media created smear tactic for the Tea Party. 

I have to concur with my boss, DaTechGuy, on this one. The establishment won the battle in Mississippi, but they lost the war. 

Moves like this only serve to alienate conservatives. It alienated this conservative.  This one is going to cost the GOP more than just the insane amount of money they pumped into Cochran. 

This one is going to cost them a slice of their base.

Here's what We The People can do here now:

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