Saturday, June 28, 2014

Democracy in Crisis

Time to restore our Constitutional Republic

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Crisis in Democracy

Several years ago I warned based upon historical patterns that we were facing a Crisis in Democracy. 

I had received several comments saying I was wrong, of course, and that the decline in democracy would never unfold in the West. 

The more the economy implodes, the greater the pressure for government to adopt policies that ignore the people. 

In Europe, there has been the greatest decline in democracy as political leaders do everything in their power to ensure the people cannot exercise a chance to vote against them and their dream of the euro that incorporates a single European United States if you will.
We are seeing this Crisis in Democracy unfold everywhere. 

Government adopts the position as always that it knows better and the people are just the great unwashed to be lied to and placated.  

Even in Switzerland, we are seeing the demise of democratic principles. 

Here is a comment from a Swiss reader:

Hi Marty,

Socialism is fighting very hard also here in Switzerland to destroy the last direct democracy on this planet.

Since Swiss governments started about a decade ago with not quite following through what people voted for – because they did not like it – the conservative SVP party has started with so called “enforcement initiatives” recently.

I saw a comment by a journalist defending the position of the government. 

The best sentence in my mind was: 

“Government must have a certain scope when executing people’s vote – as an addendum to the freedom of the people to change their constitution as they like. 

Without such balance the direct democracy will go kaputt at a certain point in time.”

Well, some people never get it that THEY are destroying society with their socialism...

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