Embroiled in an ordeal that has left her separated from her family for more than a year, 16-year-old Justina Pelletier spoke out in a new video aimed at the only individuals she believes can do anything to help her.

As Western Journalism has reported, Pelletier was stripped from her parents when they refused to blindly accept the diagnosis of a recent medical school graduate, opting instead to abide by the advice provided by a medical team that had been involved in the young girl’s treatment.

Under the reported influence of a staff psychologist, the Tufts Medical Center doctor determined that Pelletier did not suffer from a mitochondrial disease, as diagnosed by experts at Boston Children’s Hospital. Instead, her family was told she was merely making up the symptoms.

Tragically, the teen’s health has deteriorated since she was taken from her family, reports indicate. Furthermore, she was allegedly barred from exercising her faith and receiving an adequate education while in the state’s custody. Visitations with her parents were limited to one supervised hour per week.

Through family spokesperson Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Pelletier’s parents have continually pleaded with Massachusetts officials to release their daughter. 

Recently, the wheelchair-bound teen released a video asking in her own words for Gov. Deval Patrick and Suffolk County Juvenile Court Judge Joseph Johnston to intervene on her behalf.

“All I really want to be with is my family and my friends,” she said in a direct plea to the state officials. “You can do it. You’re the one that’s judging this. Please let me go home Judge Johnston and Gov. Patrick – right now. Please let me go right now. I need to be home with my family.”

Though the family’s fight is hardly over, Mahoney did reveal what seemed to be positive developments in the case. He said Justina was allowed to make a temporary trip home last weekend, during which she attended her sister’s dance recital.

The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, he noted, has also filed a motion to reconsider the case against her parents.

Johnston is set to weigh in on the case on June 20; however, Mahoney would like to see a favorable outcome prior to that date.

“The Pelletiers have completed all four elements of DCF reunification plan,” he said. 

“Based on DCF filing this request for dismissal and the Pelletiers completing reunification plan, there is no reason at all why Justina should not be released immediately.”

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