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D Day +70 Years: Is The Last Good War Enough Lesson to Save US?

World War II remains one of the most galvanizing and defining events in the history of America. Seemingly overnight, the entire nation unified behind a singular cause. By 1945, the size of the U.S. armed forces had grown from two to twelve million men and women of every color, religion, and creed. Young people from every walk of life were inducted and volunteered. America had quickly and fiercely established itself as a global superpower, and an entire generation's identity was forged, in part, by what many still refer to as the "last good war."

My family gave military service in various militias from the French and Indian Wars, some covert, up to the NATO invasion of Libya. Most veterans abhor war for a good reason. War breaks things, kills people and impoverishes millions, if not billions, for decades, if not generations.

We busy Americans tend to forget our history. After World War I took 17 million lives and 20 million casualties, we Americans were adamantly isolationist for a generation, from the 1918 Armistice to the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack. 

Our spokesmen for Peace were Marine Major General Smedley Butler, the most decorated war hero at the time, who called War a Racket. He led the march on Hoover's White House during the Depression, for early payment of WWI Veterans' Bonuses. The Bonus March camp ended in deaths, when Eisenhower, MacArthur and Patton used arsenite vomit gas, cavalry and tanks on US families in canvas tents to evict them. 

1920s and 1930s peaceniks included Swedish Lindbergh Congressman father and Air Mail Pilot College dropout Lone Eagle Aviator Author Hero Medal of Honor son. 

The son received the German Iron Cross for his epic Spirit of St Louis Atlantic Flight. He toured the German aerospace industry to report to American military. Father and son were both strongly opposed to more Americans dying in yet another war with Germany. They advocated trade prosperity rather than war devastation. They spoke at large venues for the America First Movement.

After the Crime of the Century kidnapping and murder of his firstborn namesake son by a German ring, Slim Lindbergh resigned his Army Air Corps Colonel commission and lived overseas with his wife, six children, and 7 children by three secret mistresses. 

FDR was so angered by Lindberg's commitment to peace, he refused to reinstate Lucky in the Army Air Corps after Pearl Harbor was attacked. Lindberg flew 50 combat missions as a civilian consultant. Some historians point out the US military industrial complex was secretly arming Britain, preparing for war triggered by industrial blockades and may have even known in advance of Pearl Harbor after cracking the Japanese code.     

In any event, on 6 June 1944, 150,000 military mobilized under Ike and Monty on the Normandy Beach and Cliffs of France against heavily fortified German Bunkers.  

My father was one. He was a 90-day wonder straight A electrical engineer Officer Nittany Lion from Penn State. He shelled bunkers on the cliff with big guns from his destroyer offshore and watched fighter pilots bomb them from above. He also watched as amphibious craft opened their doors to release soldiers sentenced by 60 pounds of lead and steel gear to drown in water over their head. He saw soldier after soldier die on the beach under relentless artillery from fortified cliffs far above their disembowled heads. 

That D Day, 10% of the landed troops died. 15,000 men were lost in Normandy and 60 million in World War II.

Some people have all the luck. 

Shortly after D Day, my father was transferred to a Destroyer in the Pacific Ocean enroute to Okinawa. The 82-day battle, known as the Typhoon of Steel, codenamed Operation Iceberg, turned out to be the largest and longest and most costly amphibious assault of the Pacific theater. The battle of Okinawa took over 500 Allied ships, a similar number of Allied planes, double the aircraft on the Japanese side. 372,000 lives on both sides were lost, half of them civilians, more than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. Many lives, planes and ships were lost at deep sea, unrecovered shark bait.

One kamikazee hit my father's ship on the gun turrets. Another hit the stern rudder, which jammed, making the Destroyer a sitting duck. The Commanding Officer on the bridge panicked in the fog of war, gave and repeated the order to fire all guns (at incoming Mitsubishi Zeroes). The guns could not be pivoted, and hit the control tower, killing the Commander instantly, making my father in charge of a listing ship without controls or rudder in the midst of battle.

As an electrical engineer, he understood what was left of the ship control systems. He and the crew worked out a fire brigade communications relay plan with the crew in the engine room, and spotters on deck fore and aft with binoculars to alternate right and left screws (propellers) to navigate back over 4000 nautical miles to Pearl Harbor. 

Pearl Harbor could not make the repairs. so the ship went on another 2000 plus nautical miles to Hunter's Point, most of the crew intact, a maritime record for longest navigation without a rudder.

He was called up from the reserves to serve as what he called a steel desk jockey during the Korean War, had a career with a Sixties Go Go High Tech Electrical firm, gave to charity as a Master Mason Shriner and wintered in Mexico with my mother, a war bride, for 28 years. 

Although he had the slides he took to document the D Day invasion from the bridge, he refused to talk of war with any of his family or friends until shortly before he died.

He passed after 60 years of marriage at 88 from cancer he thought he got from walking ground zero at Hiroshima. He credited his D Day and Okinawa survival to being on Christian Ships. He decried all wars since WWII as lethal political power plays. 

A friend of mine who survived WWII in Philippines might say similar. Read Olga's War.

By the time WWII was over, 60 million people lost their lives and set countries and peoples like Asia, Europe and Africa back for decades.

Can we learn anything from the Last Good War, tempted by Nightly News Propaganda into more and undeclared destructive wars against terrorism for decades, domestic espionage and violations of posse comitatus, militarized cops killing unarmed citizens, more and more military industrial complex employed Americans losing their pensions? You betcha.

Since 6 June 1941, we have $858 trillion dollars of debts and derivative obligations largely fueled by big government warfare and welfare.

The borrower is slave to the lender.

They will likely be repaid by default and inflation on the backs of those who owe.

War profits not people or places, but bankers, privateers and war profiteers, until the money goes bad, as Genesis 47 put it with Joseph and the Pharaoh and the seven lean years. 

To keep wages down with illegal immigrants for trade profits, America by design became a national state of chaos splintered by division in borders, language, culture, poor and rich.

Ike's warnings re the military industrial complex and JFK's warning at the National Press Club re secret powers apply more than ever today, after Department of Homeland Security ordered 2 billion rounds of lethal ammunition.

More Americans than the population of Norway now have classified clearances. 

Our Bill of Rights are routinely violated by a growing police state that spies on citizens without warrants and claims the right to imprison them indefinitely without trial by jury or terminate them without due process using drones directed by secret Executive Order.

Here's what We The People can do here now:

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