Monday, October 13, 2014

We Endorse Ed Klapproth for Clark County Public Administrator

As US Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill liked to say, and Nevada Assemblyman and Senate District 2 Candidate John Hambrick said introducing Ed Saturday night at his Las Vegas campaign fundraiser event, "All politics are local."

Ed is 2014 local candidate for Las Vegas Clark County Public Administrator, a non-partisan office held by the same party since the 1920's.

It is vital to renew this office from time to time with majority elected fresh talent to provide proper public accountability and service for our Seniors.

The Public Administrator is entrusted to oversee the administration of the estates of deceased persons in Clark County who have no qualified person able or willing to administer them.

Estate assets may include insurance, jewelry, real property or securities:

With many baby boomers approaching the sunset of their lives, Las Vegas Public Administrator is big business. Recall Howard Hughes.

The Public Administrator may become responsible as Conservator or Guardian for those with significant assets who are determined by a Judge incompetent or unable to care for themselves, eg Alzheimers, Disability, Elderly Abuse, Illness, No in-state Families or Heirs, No Nevada Power of Attorney or Trust.

In the past, this office was accused of conflicts of interest, fraud, insensitivity or theft in amounts exceeding hundreds of thousands of dollars:

As former Chaplain, Estate Planner, Executor and Trustee from a long-time Military Service Family that lived in New Jersey, I appreciate the need for the right person to do the job correctly and courteously.

It is important to elect a Public Administrator who is Civil, Efficient and Honest.

Ed Klapproth is such a person with these qualities.

As former bank teller, lay Chaplain, former law enforcement, who managed an antique collectibles business, Ed is Civil, Efficient, Honest, Intelligent and suited for this responsibility as a trusted public servant.

Ed taught classes at the high school and college level. He wants as Public Administrator to offer classes on how to legally avoid using the Public Administrator, thus saving families and taxpayers expense or heartache.

For further information:

Ed can be reached at

We endorse Ed Klapproth for Clark County Public Administrator. 


Richard "Ricardo Carlos" Charles

Candidate for Las Vegas District 1 US Representative 

Here's what We The People can do here now:

2014: It's time to donate and join us to elect Constitutional Independent Representatives not funded by special interests.

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