Thursday, October 23, 2014

Early Voting Turnout Going Our Way

Update: Other category now 47.5% of D's, R's still ahead for an upset...

In the first four days of early voting, R's are ahead of D's in D Clark County by 3%.

This bodes well for our Constitutional Campaign, included in the Others category, a surprising 41.8% of D votes so far and gaining: 

Our goal of course is more votes than either D's or R's and we need you to help US.
It appears voters really are ready for better representation this time and are voting with their feet for Independents.

Please join our Fresh Start movement by calling family and friends to vote later in the day on Tuesday 4 November 2014 if possible.

We will provide groups of four rides to your voting precinct for those who need a ride between now and Monday 3 November 2014, better sooner than later for availability.

Just have your ballot precinct information and voter card ready before you call, so we know where we are going:

702 569 9493.

Our goal is the Silent 73% voting for Representation by Constitution.

Thank you sincerely for the donations that are coming in.

Every one helps.

PS: Make sure you check your votes registered right before submitting them:

Thank you for voting by Tuesday 4 November 2014.


Richard "Ricardo Carlos" Charles

Candidate for Las Vegas District 1 US Representative 

Here's what We The People can do here now:

2014: It's time to donate and join us to elect Constitutional Independent Representatives not funded by special interests.

Now voters may better appreciate why we are taking 
on the responsibility of the Nevada Libertarian Party 
nominated Common Sense Fresh Start Politics of Prosperity Constitutional Campaign for US Representative in Las Vegas District 1.  

Join the campaign for Constitutional Government with more Justice, Life, Liberty, Peace and Prosperity for All.

Compra Los Documentos Fundadores EstadoUnidenses en el Espanol, aqui': 
Register to vote in Las Vegas here by Saturday 4 October 2014:

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