Saturday, September 20, 2014

Neo Politics: We Are Not Lottery Tickets

Peter Thiel and I taught at Stanford University. 

His lectures became Zero to One:

Ours became Project Fresh Start:

We were both libertarians who helped found startups that became successful.

There our paths diverged in magnitude. 

Thiel, who co-founded PayPal and was the first outside investor in Facebook, is probably the most successful – and most interesting – venture capitalist.

Thiel believes that for much of the 20th century America rejoiced in a happy state of what he calls ‘definite optimism’, its growth driven by a boundless belief in the future that produced everything from the interstate highway system to the Apollo space programme.

He dates the beginning of the end of this period to the summer of 1969. On July 20 Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon; three weeks later the Woodstock Festival happened. ‘With the benefit of hindsight that was when progress died and the hippies took over.’ Not to attack hippies, he adds, but this was the point at which a belief in scientific and technological progress ceased to be a powerfully animating force.

In the years since, America has lapsed into a state of ‘indefinite optimism’ – chugging along in the general assumption that the future will somehow get better, without feeling the need to make any plans to ensure it does. 

But now, Thiel suggests, America has pretty much given up on the future altogether, mired in a state of complacency and stasis where most people are waiting for someone else to solve their problems, and is veering towards a condition of what he calls ‘indefinite pessimism’ – the belief that things are going to get worse, but with no clear idea what to do about it.

‘My claim is that Japan has been in this state of indefinite pessimism since the 1990s and Europe is there now,’ Thiel says. ‘Culturally, there is something very pernicious about it. 

The millennial generation in the US is the first that has reduced expectations from those of their parents. And I think there is something decadent and declinist about that.’

America needs to find its way back to ‘a definite future’

We live in a world full of conspiracy theories but with very few old-fashioned conspiracies. 

If you think what political leaders have plans and are thinking about the future, you get the sense it may be true of Putin and the Chinese leadership, but that’s about it. The shocking thing is there is no plan at all.’ 

So America is a country in drift?  ‘I think it’s the entire Western world.'

I do think that in many ways in the Western world our governments, and politics, have become a reactionary force that is largely stalling out the progress.’ 

If he has one particular bugbear it is government regulation, which, broadly speaking, he views much like death – he is against it.

Our Fresh Start campaign is dedicated to conviction and demonstration that America has a better and brighter future.

We can restore Constitutionally Limited Government to allow the productive private sector to create our better, brighter future.

We can refresh our rational values respecting liberty. life, peace and prosperity.

Or we can continue our present destructive course while mainstream media persuade US voters that big bureaucratic government fighting terrorism with failing warfare/welfare on cancer, drugs, healthcare, illiteracy and poverty, is the answer.

We all know Quixotic special interest warfare/welfare failed and grew government faster than our economy and population over the last century.

Let us let go of the old politics of failure to embrace the new politics of prosperity for all Americans: 54:01


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