Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blowback ~ The Titus Record

Warning: This is a thorough (long) analysis of key election issues for all Tuesday 4 November 2014 voters.

The art of economics consists in looking not merely at the immediate but at the longer effects of any act or policy; it consists in tracing the consequences of that policy not merely for one group but for all groups:


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Hazlitt, who lived to 98

Blowback is the Law of Unintended Consequences, when politicians repeatedly violate our Constitution for short-term special interest funding.

Las Vegas District 1 US Rep Dina Titus voted with (left-wing) progressive party leadership 95% of the time:


None of the Titus bills became law last year: 


Here is the Titus track record by issue ~

DT on Social Security

"Privatizing would slash benefits for the middle-class by 40%. Serious challenges face the retirement security of all Americans. In the last 15 months, retirement plans have lost $2 trillion. As a member of Congress I’ll commit to protecting Social Security, which 130,000 Nevadans rely on for a dignified retirement. For 73 years, Social Security benefits have been paid on time and in full every single month. Privatizing the program would slash benefits for middle-class Americans by more than 40%, replace a guaranteed benefit, and cost trillions of dollars.":

Dt Press release from www.dinatitus.com, “Issues” on Oct 16, 2008 

These are serious conceptual, factual, qualitative and quantitative errors by a university professor who taught politics, not finance. She retired as a multi-millionaire with taxpayer university largesse, when most people and students are cutting back and find social security insufficient for dignified retirement.

The same UNLV (University of Nevada Las Vegas) "non-partisan" funding paid "dead broke" Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband $475,000 in 2012 and now, a private 16-passenger Gulfstream G450 jet and luxury lodging for their entourage for an unadvertised 13 October 2014 event at the Bellagio just before mid-term elections limited to 90 minutes; no more than 50 photos with no more than 100 people; and won’t allow press coverage, video- or audio-taping of her speech:


Comments on DT social security claims

1) In fact, privatizing increases retirement benefits substantially over time. Chile's government social security plan went bankrupt three decades ago. It was replaced by a market-based pension plan designed by the University of Chicago. Chileans now retire on 87% of salaries instead of the drastic real paycut on US Social Security.

2) "Serious challenges face the retirement security of all Americans." They do indeed, mostly because politicians got votes by expanding coverage to special interest groups including immigrants, while spending all the Social Security Trust "lockbox" on unbalanced budgets and rampant government debts that went from $10 Trillion in 2008 to $17 Trillion now, +70% in 6 years, 11.6% a year increase in an over-indebted economy growing far less.  

3) "In the last 15 months, retirement plans have lost $2 trillion." And in the last four years they gained a triple or more with monthly contribution dollar-cost averaging highs and lows. Funding retirement is a long-term investment.

As Warren Buffett demonstrated over 49 years with +19.7% returns twice the market and six times the government "mixed" economy, for 6935 times the initial investment, long-term investment in markets can be quite profitable:


4) Social Security benefits may have been paid on time and in full every month for 73 years. They did not provide a market actuarial return or keep up with the cost of living.

Since 1940, when Social Security began monthly payments, the official annual CPI (Consumer Price Index) COLA (cost of living adjustment) increased to where it takes over $17 to have the same purchasing power as a dollar in 1940:


In fact, the CPI was recalculated in the 1980s to save government social security and government pension COLA payments. While the official CPI was recently reported as 1.2% a year, it is in fact 10% using the 1980 CPI, which explains why so many people other than 1% billionaires and 10% multi-millionaires are having trouble making ends meet:


5) What good is a "guaranteed" benefit if we are short-changed by government-caused cost of living, while politicians spend the "Trust" as fast as it comes in on runaway government debt ceiling hikes and non-Congressional budgets to replace it with non-marketable (worthless) IOUs?  Social security is 46% of the budget now. If/when more people retire and fewer work, funding it will be a significant challenge. Bringing in illiterate unhealthy illegal immigrants who rely on taxpayer subsidies to shore up social security payments may be a risky government gambit.

The unpleasant Federal Facts are that our Federal Government is approaching bankruptcy, insolvency. Our Federal Government is printing Federal Reserve money it cannot borrow from the open market or raise with taxes, while Congress, Courts, Executive Branch and the DC media pretend everything is okay.

The US National Debt is $17.9 Trillion, $152,084 per taxpayer.

This is almost 6% larger than our economy, growing at +11.6% a year while the economy is actually contracting at -2% a year (see below), a -13.6% a year gap. 

How can we pay our debts without cutting government spending or growing the economy faster?

We cannot.

Total unfunded Federal Liabilities Mandated by law are $116 Trillion, or $995,721 per taxpayer, almost three times the assets of US citizens:


To put it bluntly, US government indebted warfare welfare politicians from both parties in power for the last half century, sold voters a bad deal.

They sold US down the river like slaves.

(No wonder up to 84% of eligible citizens no longer vote.)

How can a benefit be guaranteed, when our government is out of money as the President said, inflating more and more debts just to stay afloat?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=339qi22oXwo 3:02

In fact, Social Security, Medicare,  Medicaid and Disability are in serious actuarial trouble.

Here is the official statement of the Social Security Trustee:

"Neither Medicare nor Social Security can sustain projected long-run program costs in full under currently scheduled financing, and legislative changes are necessary to avoid disruptive consequences for beneficiaries and taxpayers. If lawmakers take action sooner rather than later, more options and more time will be available to phase in changes so that the public has adequate time to prepare. Earlier action will also help elected officials minimize adverse impacts on vulnerable populations, including lower-income workers and people already dependent on program benefits."

Social Security Disability Trustees project trust fund depletion late in 2016:


We have just one congressional term to get this right or suffer the consequences.

Electing the right Constitutional Independent US Representatives can make the crucial difference with critical mass.

American voters did it before when we faced Constitutional crisis in 1970, 1980 and 1994.

That is why we came out of retirement from the financial world for election to work to fix this government financial crisis. 

DT co-sponsored H.CON.RES.34 & S.Con.Res.15 13-HCR34 on Apr 18, 2013, to keep CPI for benefits instead of lower "Chained CPI."

We already discussed how CPI was adjusted down in 1980 (and again in 1990) to reduce government COLA payments to government pensioners and social security recipients:


To add insult to injury, Obamacare, for which DT voted repeatedly, increased Medicare Payroll Taxes $113 billion over the next decade and took $500 from Medicare providers, who are less likely to provide actual medical services when they are not paid in full or on time:


DT Obamacare Votes:

March 25, 2010 HR 4872 Health Care Reconciliation Act Concurrence Vote Passed - House
(220 - 207)
March 21, 2010 HR 3590 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Concurrence Vote Passed - House
(219 - 212)
March 21, 2010 HR 4872 Health Care Reconciliation Act Bill Passed - House
(220 - 211)

Obamacare was over 1200 pages written by health insurance company lobbyists and passed in a foggy rush by the Senate and then the House ignoring constituents and common sense:

Humana went from 18.57 to 134.93 when it was clear the progressive Obama party would railroad Socialized Medicine through Congress, up more than seven times in five years:


Citizen calls to Congress were over 100 to 1 against the Obamacare vote.

The Speaker of the House insisted, "We have to pass the bill so you can see what's in it."

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV-05TLiiLU    0:10

Obamacare bills were not posted online as promised before the vote to review for true transparent representative government.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPIUAYvhk4U 4:29

Obamacare is arguably unconstitutional, since it was written by special interests, a spending and tax bill originated in the Senate instead of the House, and passed unread by both chambers without the posting on the internet for "transparency and deliberation" promised by the Executive and Legislative branches of government before passage.

Obamacare was an ad hoc unworkable government takeover of almost one fifth of our economy without majority voter approval:


0Care put an increased Medicaid burden on state-funded subsidies.

0Care raised over 18 new taxes, 47 separate tax provisions and 16,000 new IRS Agents to raise an additional $1 Trillion in taxes by 2020.

This was not revealed by the "non-partisan" CBO (Congressional Budget Office) until after the vote.

Contrary to repeated broken promises, 0Care provides less healthcare and patient protection, with significantly higher premium costs and taxes.

No wonder the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ruled PPACA "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" a tax (and misnomer).



DT voted Against Jobs and Military Pensions for Special Interests

DT voted for 09-HR1409 on Mar 10, 2009, union Card-Checks replacing secret ballot votes to unionize.

Tax-exempt union membership in the private sector fell under 7% — levels not seen since 1932.

In the 21st century the most prominent unions are among public sector employees such as city employees, government workers, teachers and police.

Members of unions are disproportionately older and male. As of 2013, there were 14.5 million union members, five times as many in government as the productive private sector:



Is it any surprise special interest unions back bigger and more expensive government, while demanding to be exempted from Obamacare laws?

Union Card-Check protects tax-exempt union monopolies with bureaucratic restrictions and waste that put GM and Chrysler creditors and shareholders into Obama-directed bankruptcy that gave Canadian governments and UAW (United Autoworkers Union) GM ownership.

Card-checks from employees are counted by the National Labor Relations Board with Union access, without Employer or Employee knowledge.

Card checks are an end-run around the secret ballot vote, which 78% of union members support keeping.

Eliminating secret ballot opens the door to union intimidation of employees in a right to work (without a union) state like Nevada.

One look at incumbent special interest union funding and the reason for the pro-union vote is clear:



On 12/12/2013 DT voted for HR 640 to cut military pensions

This was ignored by monopoly media:


DT voted for Mandatory Taxpayer Funding of Abortion:

On 1/6/2009 voted for H.R.463 and on 11/13/2013 voted for H.R.3471 

This obligated taxpayers to fund abortion and population control in special interest bills described as "Roe v Wade on steroids" for their Federal overreach negating states' rights. 

It erroneously used the 14th (Slavery) Amendment to justify abortion, the painful killing of an unborn or partially-born child.

The Pro-Life moral high road makes strong sense for our better brighter future. 

America has a declining fertility rate and retiring baby boomer bulge. We can protect the lives of all potentially productive unborn Americans and not ignore Mother Teresa's warning to the Clintons at the National Prayer Breakfast, that Societies that kill their unborn destroy themselves:


On 9/1/2010 DT was endorsed by Emily's List (EL). 

EL is an international one-party one-sex pro-government abortion tax-free political action committee that elected 100 pro-government abortion women to the House and 500 to other public servant offices:


Since 1990 EL contributed over $36 Million to one party pro-abortion women candidates:


EL electees included Barbara Boxer, Janet Napolitano, Nancy Pelosi, Carol Mosely Braun, Cynthia McKinney, Kathleen Sebelius, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Maxine Waters.  

Emily's List international candidates supported government mandatory taxpayer-financed killing of over 57 million unborn babies in the USA since 1973, over 1.3 Billion since 1980 worldwide:


Pro-government abortion EL's retired or were removed from office by voters.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of EL is tax-exempt Planned Parenthood, which in 2012 received over 45% of it's funding, some $542 Million, from mandatory government taxpayers:


Planned Parenthood provided over 6.8 Million abortions since 1970, many taxpayer financed by mandatory law:


The word genocide comes to mind. 

What "Choice" exactly does an aborted unborn baby that feels pain have?  

Pro-Life voters know Roe v Wade, arguably unconstitutional, became the law of the land because of a Nixon appointment to the Supreme Court. 

Pro-Life voters do not think government should force taxpayers to pay for government abortions. 

Since 1975, 50% of Americans think abortion should be limited. 

In 2009 more Americans considered themselves Pro-Life than Pro-Choice:



One IRS commissioner visited Obama's White House 118 times in 2010 and 2011. His successor also dropped in often. But under George W. Bush, the tax chief visited once in four years. Time for an audit:


The Obama Party IRS met with the White House repeatedly and sided with big-government minority tax-free political action groups. The IRS harassed limited government groups, then disappeared emails, employees and records from Congressional hearings and subpoenas. 

Incidentally, the IRS union applied to be exempted from Obamacare:


Yesterday it was revealed the IRS had an secret research project compiling illegal lists of limited government donors:



DT voted for years of Budget Busters without a Budget

On 1/21/2009 DT voted for H.R.384 and 2009-H026 to make the $700 Billion TARP taxpayer bill keep its promise to help homeowners instead of bail out banks. 

The law was not enforced. Rep. Ron Paul said, "There has been a lot of money spent to try to bail out the financial industry, and nothing seems to be working. I think it's mainly because we haven't admitted that excessive spending can cause financial problems, & excessive debt and inflation can cause problems."

On 1/28/2009 DT voted for H.R.1  and 2009-H046 to spend an additional $840 Billion of taxpayer money to create 4 million shovel-ready jobs, protect healthcare and cut taxes on American working families.  

Rep. Jerry Lewis said, "Most of us would agree that the recent $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) is an illustration of how good intentions don't always deliver desired results." Sen. Thad Cochran said, "We are giving the executive branch immense latitude in the disbursement of the spending this bill contains. We are doing so without any documentation of how this spending will stimulate the economy." In fact, President Obama later said, “We’re trying to figure out, ‘Man, how did that thing just blow up the way it did?’"


On 3/5/2009 DT voted for HR1106&S896; vote number 2009-H104 to allow banks and judges to change mortgage contract laws retroactively. 

Not only was that unconstitutional, it increased moral hazard with government messing up our economy. Sen. Jon Kyl said, "This amendment would allow bankruptcy judges to modify home mortgages by lowering the principal and interest rate on the loan or extending the term of the loan. The concept in the trade is known as cram-down. It would apply to all borrowers who are 60 days or more delinquent. Many experts believe the cram-down provision would result in higher interest rates [or unavailable credit] for all home mortgages. We could end up exacerbating this situation for all the people who would want to refinance or to take out loans in the future."

Rep. Michele Bachmann, a former IRS attorney, said, "Of the foundational policies of American exceptionalism, the concepts that have inspired our great Nation are the sanctity of private contracts and upholding the rule of law. This cramdown bill crassly undercuts both of these pillars of American exceptionalism. Why would a lender make a 30-year loan if they fear the powers of the Federal Government will violate the very terms of that loan?"


DT voted for Bill H.R. 3357 ; vote number 2009-H659 on Jul 29, 2009 for another $192 Billion taxpayer spending to "stimulate" the economy.

Rep. Camp said, [This interim spending is] needed because the Democrats' economic policy has resulted in record job loss, record deficits, and none of the job creation they promised. Democrats predicted unemployment would top out at 8% if the stimulus passed; instead, it's 9.5% and rising. [In Nevada, it was 14.4%.] The Nation's public debt and unemployment, combined, has risen by a shocking 40% [because of] literally trillions of dollars in additional spending under the Democrats' stimulus, energy, and health plans. We had a choice when it came to the stimulus last February. Republicans could have chosen a better policy of stimulating private-sector growth creating twice the jobs at half the price. Instead, Democrats insisted on their government focus plan, which has produced no jobs and a mountain of debt.":


How about sticking to our Constitution and trusting the more efficient free market to create jobs?

DT voted for Bill H.R.2 ; voted number 2009-H016 on Jan 14, 2009.

This bill unconstitutionally expanded the Children's Health Insurance Program to open the door to immigrants getting welfare without waiting to become citizens or pay for the costs.

Rep. Roy Blunt said, "This bill doesn't require the States to meet any kind of threshold standard that would ensure that States were doing everything they could to find kids who needed insurance before they begin to spend money to find kids who may not have the same need. Under the bill several thousands of American families would be poor enough to qualify for SCHIP and have the government pay for their health care, but they'd be rich enough to still be required to pay the alternative minimum tax. The bill changes welfare participation laws by eliminating the 5-year waiting period for legal immigrants to lawfully reside in the country before they can participate in this program.":


It is imperative to note Congress (House and Senate) avoided Constitutional Responsibility to originate, concur and pass a budget since DT was elected, something monopoly media avoided headlining:


DT voted against Government Reform

DT voted for HR2918&S1294 ; vote number 2009-H413 on Jun 19, 2009, that gave Senate employees a $50,000 to $96,000 pay raise in the middle of a recession caused by too much government debt, red tape, spending and taxes.  

Rep. Scalise said, "It's a sad day when someone attempts to cut spending in a bill that grows government by the size of 7%, and it's not allowed to be debated on this House floor
[by Nancy Pelosi]. 

Some of their Members actually used the term "nonsense" and "foolishness" when describing our amendments to cut spending; they call that a delaying tactic. 

Well, I think Americans all across this country want more of those types of delaying tactics to slow down this runaway train of massive Federal spending. Every dollar we spend from today all the way through the end of this year is borrowed money. We don't have that money. We need to control what we're spending.":


DT voted for Special Interests

DT voted for Bill H.R.11 ; vote number 13-HV055 on Feb 28, 2013, that reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act. 

House members objected to provisions in the Senate bill that extended VAWA's protections to lesbians, gays, immigrants, and Native Americans.

For example, Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH) voted against the VAWA bill because it was a "politically–motivated, constitutionally-dubious Senate version bent on dividing women into categories by race, transgender politics and sexual preference."

The objections can be grouped in two broadly ideological areas--that the law is an unnecessary overreach by the federal government, and that it represents a "feminist" attack on family values.

The act's grants have encouraged states to implement "mandatory-arrest" policies, under which police responding to domestic-violence calls are required to make an arrest.

Critics also say VAWA has been subject to waste, fraud, and abuse because of insufficient oversight:


DT was endorsed by FemMaj on Oct 31, 2012, the so-called Feminist Majority on women's rights, whose "mission is to empower feminists."

The fact that these "feel good" laws already exist, are not enforced or are outside the Constitution, may seem to escape the actual feminist minority of voters:


DT voted for H.R.1652 / S.1088 13-H1652 on Jul 8, 2013, to enforce against anti-gay discrimination in public schools.

Cato Institute said, "A bill in Congress that would prohibit discrimination in public schools based on sexual orientation or gender identity could stifle free speech and even lead to "homosexual indoctrination" in the nation's classrooms, critics say.

"The real danger is how this will be interpreted," said the associate director of the Center for Educational Freedom at the Cato Institute. "The definition of harassment could be broadly interpreted that anybody who expressed a totally legitimate opinion about homosexual behavior could be made illegal.

That's a violation of those kids who want to express opposition to LGBT opinions or behavior.

People have a legitimate reason to be concerned about this--not because they're 'haters' but because you're now trying to balance different rights."

While our Constitutional laws protect citizens against violence, making Federal Government "Political Correctness Police" in local public schools is a recipe for disaster and destruction of American freedoms:


For perspective, 3.8% of the US population identify as LGBT. 

They have the same Constitutional rights as any US citizen:


DT voted for H.R.377 13-HR0377 on Jan 23, 2013, special interest legislation to enforce against wage discrimination based on gender. 

Since Rosie the Riveter in World War II, women entered the commercial workforce in record numbers. 

This affected divorce, family stability, raised social taxes for single parent family welfare programs and lowered wages with an increased supply of workers. 

Adding taxpayer subsidized illegal immigrants to the workforce drove wages down further and social taxes up more. 

Political Correctness (PC) social engineering legislation is not only unconstitutional. 

PC increases government bureaucracy costs and decreases free market efficiencies and pay.

PC increases workplace inequities at the expense of family breadwinners, the classic law of unintended consequences. 

In fact, more employed women these days make more than more unemployed men:


DT voted against needed Job Creation and Training

DT voted against Bill H.R. 803 ; vote number 13-HV075 on Mar 15, 2013, workforce training by state block grants & industry partners:


One of the primary claims of pundits is that our workforce needs modern industry skills and relevant job training. It was surprising to see a public educator vote against job education with a possible loss of principle over politics.
DT voted for H.R.2965 ; vote number 2009-H486 on Jul 8, 2009, to extend funding for research and development topics, nanotechnology, project commercialization, prioritization of applications, federal administration and oversight. 

Rep. Ed Markey opposed this bill with serious concerns about allowing SBIR awards to go to an unlimited number of businesses owned or controlled by venture capital (VC) firms. 

The SBIR program, responsible for over 60,000 patents, always focused on innovation from truly small businesses for whom commercial capital market funding is typically not an option. 

However, with the change made in this bill, the SBIR program was wide open to applicants already well-capitalized due to VC participation, crowding out small businesses that have been the focus of the highly successful SBIR program.

Enabling an unlimited amount of large VC majority-owned firms to qualify for SBIR funding calls into question whether this program, intended for genuinely small businesses, is, in fact, still focused on these firms.

We should do everything in our power to strengthen small businesses that generate 70% of new jobs in our country.

H.R 2965 does not do enough to ensure that small businesses are the focus of the SBIR program.

In case Solyndra and other failed government green energy boondoggles at taxpayer expense did not make it clear that unproductive unprofitable government is not a business, government micromanaging business is not Constitutional.

Small free market businesses create productive jobs, not big bloated government corporations that sat on the President's Job Advisory Panel, getting taxpayer bailout money, paying negative taxes and shipping jobs overseas:



DT voted for more Federal Crimes

DT voted for HR.1913 ; vote number 2009-H223 on Apr 2, 2009, enforcing against anti-gay hate crimes.

Rep. Lamar Smith said, "Every year thousands of violent crimes are committed out of hate, but just as many violent crimes, if not more, are motivated by something other than hate--greed, jealousy, desperation or revenge, just to name a few.

An individual's motivation for committing a violent crime is usually complex and often speculative. Every violent crime is deplorable, regardless of its motivation. That's why all violent crimes should be vigorously prosecuted.

Unfortunately, this bill undermines one of the most basic principles of our criminal justice system--equal justice for all.

Under this bill, justice will no longer be equal.

Justice will now depend on the race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or other protected status of the victim. It will allow different penalties to be imposed for the same crime. This is the real injustice."


The USA already has the largest prison population of any nation, bigger than China with three times our population:


A quarter of inmates are untaxed illegal aliens at taxpayer expense up to $50,000 a year, as expensive as Harvard.

Most inmates were plea-bargained into conviction and sentencing without their Constitutional right of jury trial.

Some prisons are private for-profit, with prisoners providing slave labor for pennies an hour.

Prison Planet is not the American Way.

Increasing criminal laws without policing them just creates more criminals, more fear, more wasteful government and less prosperity for American citizens:

DT on Drugs

DT issued a Press release from www.dinatitus.com, “Issues” on Oct 6, 2008, re Longer sentences for major drug traffickers:


Anyone alive today knows the $25 Billion a year government War on Drugs dating from the 1913 Tax on illegal Drugs failed. 

A DEA agent told us other government agencies overruled their biggest busts based on "National Security Investigations," while allowing low-level prosecutions to eliminate the competition. 

An Army General told us insiders sold their interdiction schedules to the cartel. 

A CIA agent told us the Cartels had better transportation and technology including submarines. 

Some alleged black budget ops drugs for arms deals included Presidential level involvement in drug trade from the Golden Triangle in Asia to the deadly MS-13 cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine gang, the Colombian Cocaine Cartels in Nicaragua and Panama, to the Afghan heroin opium poppy fields whose production soared once the US drove out the Taliban who banned drugs:


Common sense experience tells us the solution to illegal drugs is ending Prohibition by prosecuting violence and decriminalizing drugs, medically treating abusers and taxing drug users. 

Why should violent criminals make a trillion dollars?:

DT re Education

DT issued a Press release from www.dinatitus.com, “Issues”, on Oct 15, 2008, re her 20- year Nevada fight for smaller classes & full-day kindergarten, making No Child Left Behind a reality instead of slogan for failing legislation.

"I will build on my efforts in the [NV] Senate to make a college education affordable and accessible.”:


Most of us know in fact from the Law of Unintended Consequences, that federal government involvement in education from Head Start to Common Core to government student loans exceeding a trillion dollars was a giant fail.

US Department of Education subsidies for unproductive union election control drove college costs up for graduates. Student loans grew larger than home mortgages, with rising interest costs rigged by government bills in violation of free market supply and demand. Students currently owe well over a trillion dollars:


We know college graduates who are out of work except for Starbucks-style minimum wage jobs. They cannot afford a car, a family or a place to live, If they can, they move in with their parents.

Once in the US House, DT voted for H.R.2187 ; vote number 2009-H259 on May 14, 2009 to borrow, spend and tax another $40 Billion for Green Public Schools.

Rep. Glenn Thompson said, "We all know our Nation is drowning in a sea of red ink. The bill we're debating today would add an estimated $40 billion in new spending. And despite the majority's hollow promises of fiscal responsibility, there's nothing in the legislation to offset this hefty price tag with spending reductions elsewhere.

This is just more of the same borrow and spend, spend and borrow policy that we've seen under this majority and this administration.":


This does not even address the reality of whether we really need public education bureaucrats making six, seven or eight figures off taxpayers without children in public schools, or a US Department of Education with nothing better to do than force a politically correct "Common Core" down the throats of students and teachers.

According to our Constitution, Education is a local and state issue, not a free ride for illegals and unions, as witnessed in the decline of LA and California.

What's more, thanks to the internet, families can home school with free programs like:

https://www.khanacademy.org/ :

DT voted for H.R.1433 13-H1433 on Apr 11, 2013, to extend taxpayer subsidized federal student loan rates until 2015.

Rep. Tom Cotton said, "Unfortunately, too many students today struggle for years to repay their loans because Washington politicians dictate student-loan rates and end up hurting students and taxpayers alike. It's causing tuition costs to skyrocket, leaving students buried in debt, often without jobs, and forced to delay buying a home and starting a family. As students struggle to repay their loans--regardless of the interest rate--taxpayers are on the hook for a $100 billion bailout--a burden hard-working Arkansans [Nevadans] shouldn't have to bear. A better path is to let Arkansas [Nevadan] hometown banks work with students and families to finance higher education, just as they do with homes, farms, businesses, and other loans. I'm committed to bringing affordable higher education to every Arkansan [Nevadan] and ending the federal-government monopoly on the student-lending business.":


Again, the free market of demand, price and supply is far more efficient and productive than government political economics.
DT vote against Energy:

Dt voted for H.R.2454; vote number 2009-H477 on Jun 26, 2009, to enforce limits on CO2 global warming pollution.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte said, "I agree that this bill has very important consequences, but those consequences are devastating for the future of the economy of this country. 

It's a fantasy that this legislation will turn down the thermostat of the world by reducing CO2 gas emissions when China & India & other nations are pumping more CO2 gas into the atmosphere all the time. 

[Global temps in fact declined for over a decade, with larger polar ice packs and more polar bears.] 

We would be far better served with legislation that devotes itself to developing new technologies before we slam the door on our traditional sources of energy like coal and oil and and nuclear power. 

We support the effort for energy efficiency. We do not support this kind of suicide for the American economy. 

Unfortunately, cap and trade legislation would only further cripple our economy.":


Global CO2 man-made warming is boondoggle myth, according to reputable climate scientists who note global warming on other planets and link it with solar cycles. 

Crops and oceans need CO2 to grow and thrive. 

This is what happens when power politics try to trump economic principle:

DT votes on the Environment

DT voted for H.R. 3435 ; vote number 2009-H682 on Jul 31, 2009, to spend $2 billion more for the Cash for Clunkers program, a total of $3 Billion.

Rep. Lewis said, "In the majority's haste to slam legislation with no time for consideration or amendments, we are now seeing the effects of such shortsighted martial law tactics.

Senator Feinstein tried to negotiate some changes to improve the program but was told that it was this way or the highway. Not one hearing on the Cash for Clunkers program, not one hearing on how the first billion dollars has been spent, not one hearing on how much money the program will need to get through the fiscal year.

Many of my colleagues will say, This is a great program, and it is necessary for the revitalization of the car industry. I'm not really going to argue with those goals. However, are we sure this program is working like it's supposed to? I don't think so.

This program has only been up and running 1 week. If that is how the government is going to handle billion-dollar programs affecting all Americans, I ask, Whatever will we do if the administration takes control of our health care system?":


Cash for Clunkers [C4C] gave one billion dollars of taxpayer money to car dealers in one week.

C4C sent working used cars to the junkyard by law to be crushed.

C4C drove new and used car prices up for poor and thrifty people because of yet another unproductive government subsidy mandate messing with the free market

Result: Another big government fail.

DT voted for H.R.1018 ; vote number 2009-H577 on Jul 17, 2009,  to spend another $700 million on wild burros and horses already protected from commercial slaughter by taxpayers for $500,000 a year.  

Rep. Doc Hastings said: Across our Nation, Americans are struggling to pay their bills; 9.5% of Americans are out of work. 

With this backdrop, what is the response of this Democrat Congress to record unemployment and skyrocketing deficits? 

Their response is to create a $700 million welfare program for wild horses and burros. 

If the American people want an illustration of just how out of touch this Congress has become on spending, they need to look no further. 

In the last Congress, the House passed legislation to ban the commercial slaughter of wild horses and burros, that cost taxpayers less than $500,000 a year. 

Now we're looking at a bill that, again, bans slaughter of these animals, but then proceeds to spend $700 million to create a new welfare program for wild horses." 

Once again, the tax free private philanthropic sector can do far better at less cost to taxpayers than big bureaucratic government:

DT against Free Trade

DT voted for H.R.693 13-H0693 on Feb 14, 2013,sugar quotas & import tariffs to stabilize prices.

Food and Business News, May 2013 said, "Users claim the sugar program nearly doubles the price of sugar to US consumers and has resulted in lost jobs as some candy manufacturers have moved operations to other countries.

Producers claim the program has resulted in more stable sugar supplies, provides a safety net for growers and that world prices are often lower because of subsidies in origin countries, which would put US growers at a disadvantage should import restrictions be lifted.

Producers also note that US sugar prices have declined more than 50% from late 2011 highs. They also maintain that jobs have been lost or moved out of the US for reasons other than sugar prices, mainly labor and health care costs, noting that candy makers' profits have been strong in recent years:


Once again, blowback and the Law of Unintended Consequences describes what happens when politicians violate our Constitution and try to micromanage our economy for their special interest donors.

DT vote against Technology Right to Privacy

DT voted for H.R.624 ; vote number 13-HV117 on Apr 18, 2013, which shares confidential citizen cyberdata with government.
  • Rep. McNerny: I'm concerned with the civil protections not required in H.R. 624. Businesses should be required to remove personally identifiable information before submitting data to Federal agencies.
  • CNet.com: Rep. Ron Paul warned that CISPA represents the "latest assault on Internet freedom"; that "CISPA is Big Brother writ large." CISPA would permit, but not require, Internet companies to hand over confidential customer records to federal agencies. What sparked the privacy worries--including opposition from the ACLU and the Republican Liberty Caucus--is the section of CISPA that says "notwithstanding any other provision of law." By including the word "notwithstanding," CISPA's drafters intended to make their legislation trump all existing laws. It would render irrelevant wiretap laws, Web companies' privacy policies, and more.
  • Rep. Lofgren: CISPA could allow any private company to share vast amounts of sensitive, private data about its customers with the government. CISPA would override all other privacy laws, and allow a private company to share nearly anything--from the contents of private emails to medical records--as long as it "directly pertains to" a broadly defined "cyber threat.":
Dina Titus on Principles & Values 

No stance on record:


The father of our country said,

"Virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government."

Dina Titus on Tax Reform

No stance on record:


Tax reform now is essential or the USA will cease to prosper and try to cover it up with more war.

The current U.S. Federal Tax code is 73,954 pages long, longer than the Bible.

We gave published testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee in 1994 on Reforming the Income Tax:


Aristotle in 250 BCE and Adam Smith in 1776 knew from his customs tax experience in the Wealth of Nations, that raising tax rates reduces government revenues and economic growth (jobs) over time. 

They both knew lowering tax rates increases government revenues and economic growth (jobs) over time:


JFK, who audited the Stanford Business School, and Ronald Reagan, who double majored in Economics and Sociology, not only both knew that, they both demonstrated it by cutting taxes to create jobs and economic growth.

The current President and his Party's representatives in the House and Senate proved the opposite ~ increasing taxes contracts the economy and jobs, raising deficits and debts.

The current regime not only raised taxes, but increased debts, red tape and spending, with at least three resignations of economic advisers:


While official government statistics show positive if record slow economic and job growth, reliable economic numbers tell a different story not covered by monopoly media.

GDP first half growth was not 2% as reported, but -2%:


Real unemployment is not 6.1% as reported by government, but 23%:


This is especially hard on old, poor, students and young with fixed, low or no incomes:

The reason the official unemployment rate is lower than the actual unemployment rate is that the calculation drops unemployed people from the government data after two years.

62.8% US Civilian Labor Participation rate tells the true story

At 62.8% working age Americans actually working, this is the lowest since March 1978, when Carter was President.

The then record 21.8% Misery Index (Inflation plus Unemployment) lost him re-election to Reagan:


Now the actual Misery Index is 10% Inflation plus 37.2% Unemployed = 47.2%, more than twice President Carter's record.

62.8% working means 37.2% gave up looking for work: 


There are 318 million vital reasons Congress (14%), Courts (13%), the Executive Branch of government (52% disapproval) and economic confidence (-17) suffer low ratings:


What is really sad is seeing homeless Veterans in Las Vegas District 1 without teeth because of no VA dental care or housing.

Poor District 1 Las Vegas Seniors could be enjoying retirement instead eating cat or dog food.

Retired Seniors could enjoy leisure instead of going to minimum wage work with aches, pains and diminished hearing and sight.

Wait until more voters find out Obamacare is a government healthcare rationing plan with unaffordable deductibles that do not cover vital medical procedures.

Big government "mixed" economy is not working.

Social security and Obamacare do not cover the actual costs of housing, living or healthcare for most people.

American citizens could give themselves an immediate needed pay raise by cutting bloated government borrowing, red tape spending, taxing and waste today.   

On Tuesday 4 November 2014, we have a vital need to stop special interest politics as usual and elect majority candidates for economic and tax reform.

Otherwise we can kiss our contracting, over-indebted, over-spending, over-red taped and over-taxed economy good-bye.

Asset, bonds, real estate and stock markets rising on artificial Federal Reserve deficit money creation cannot last forever.

We must advance to a natural organic economy under our time-proven Constitution again, as America prospered for much of two centuries.

DT on War and Peace

DT signed HR.2194 2009-S908 on Apr 30, 2009, the Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act to end their nuclear program:


First, as we know from Iraq, Japan and South Africa, sanctions are harder on poor and middle class people than their rich leaders.

Second, as we know from UN Oil for Food illegal kickbacks in high places, sanctions are often bypassed through back door black market trades. Sanctions can cause political blowback and unintended consequences:

Third, as we know from Iraq and Japan, sanctions can lead to war. War may temporarily benefit war profiteers. War is a hardship on the majority over the long run. Lowered living standards, deaths, injuries and medical care calculated as $6 trillion costs for the Iraq Wars:


Current sanctions on Russia apply here as useless "feel good" foreign policy. Russians are used to hardship and outlasted the superior Hitler war machine.

As George Washington, father of our country, noted over two centuries ago, alignments with none and commerce with all led to peace and prosperity.

Dina Titus on Welfare & Poverty

Voted NO on maintaining work requirement for welfare recipients. 

Rep. Reichert said, "Congress must ensure that work continues to be the centerpiece of the TANF welfare program. We are here today debating the Obama administration's efforts to undermine work requirements. Bipartisan discussions were actually happening before the Obama administration announced they would waive work requirements for welfare recipients last summer. That announcement completely undermined bipartisan negotiations in our committee about ways to strengthen this program. Usually, if an administration wants to change the law, they must submit a legislative proposal for Congress to consider, but that's not what the Obama administration did with its proposal to waive the TANF work requirements.":


DT refusing the work requirement for welfare essentially undid the work of the Clinton Administration and Gingrich Congress that cut taxes and required workfare for welfare recipients, creating an even bigger job recovery than the Reagan years:


Regressive warfare welfare red tape deficit spending tax policies of the last two Presidents since 2000 saw jobs growth around or under 1%, while median pay fell in 12.4%, more in cost of living terms:


This is the lowest growth since GHW Bush raised taxes in the early 1990s. 

It was the lowest growth since Herbert Hoover was a one-term President at the start of the Great Depression from 1929 - 1933 and began big government borrow, spend and tax policies that failed:


DT co-sponsored H.RES.90 13-HRes90 on Feb 28, 2013, maintaining the SNAP nutrition assistance program. guaranteeing Obama would be known as the Food Stamp President:


“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there'd be a shortage of sand.”
Milton Friedman 

For those who want more detail, we refer you to our 2013 book, Project Fresh Start:


For Latinos who wish a Spanish language review of America's Founding Documents that may be helpful to pass the citizenship exam:



Richard "Ricardo Carlos" Charles

Here's what We The People can do here now:

2014: It's time to donate and join us to elect Constitutional Independent Representatives not funded by special interests.

Now voters may better appreciate why we are taking 
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Join the campaign for Constitutional Government with more Justice, Life, Liberty, Peace and Prosperity for All.

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