Monday, September 29, 2014

Jobs, Immigration and Government

Tuesday 23 September 2014 Candidate Night at CSUN UNLV

Consolidated Student Union of the University of Nevada Las Vegas

We recently joined Tuesday 4 November 2014 General Election candidates for  Candidates' Night at the Student Union Ballroom at University of Nevada Las Vegas, where we hosted a Candidate's table with campaign cards, campaign books and fielded questions from interested guests.

Beforehand, we were delighted to meet employees, faculty, guests, students and parents of all political persuasions at the busy food court of the Student Union, that literally buzzed with thousands of students on wireless from AM to PM.

An army marches on its stomach.

After a quick dinner and group photo with comments from the CSUN President, Las Vegas candidates or their representatives spoke.

Due to the many candidates speaking, we kept our comments brief and to the point

After a thanking the CSUN, other Participants and the Libertarian Party of Nevada nomination, we said our key issues are Jobs, Immigration and Government, Government, Immigration and Jobs.

In our 65 years of experience, the Constitutional Independent Libertarian Limited Government approach provides the most practical solutions.

We appreciate your help sharing the good news.


Richard "Ricardo Carlos" Charles

Candidate for Las Vegas District 1 US Representative 

Here's what We The People can do here now:

2014: It's time to donate and join us to elect Constitutional Independent Representatives not funded by special interests.

Now voters may better appreciate why we are taking 
on the responsibility of the Nevada Libertarian Party 
nominated Common Sense Fresh Start Politics of Prosperity Constitutional Campaign for US Representative in Las Vegas District 1.  

Join the campaign for Constitutional Government with more Justice, Life, Liberty, Peace and Prosperity for All.

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Register to vote Libertarian in Las Vegas here:

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