Saturday, May 17, 2014

Privacy, Safety or Both?

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He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither ~ Ben Franklin

Privacy Versus Security Is a FALSE Choice

NSA Dumped Automatic Privacy-Protecting System … Instead Adopting Program of Mass Surveillance On All Americans

The entire “privacy versus security” argument for spying by the NSA is hogwash.
Top security experts – including the highest-level government officials and the top university experts – say that mass surveillance increases terrorism and hurts security.
They say that our government failed to stop the Boston bombing because they were too busy spying on millions of innocent Americans instead of focusing on actual bad guys.
We have also thoroughly documented – including interviewing the top NSA expert – that last December that it would be easy for the NSA to catch bad guys without spying on innocent Americans … all while strengthening America against security breaches.
The following must-watch 5-minute clip from PBS’ show United States of Secrets shows how the “Thinthread” program would solve these problems, and why the “privacy versus security” debate is bogus (watch starting at the 25:12 mark and ending at 30:32):

Postscript: In case you are unable to watch any videos, you can read the  transcript here (search for “he stumbles into sort of a skunkworks“, and read until you see “Bill Binney, Kirk Wiebe and Ed Loomis all quietly retired.”)
Note: If anyone knows what the embed code is for start and stop times on pbs videos, please let us know.
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