Friday, May 23, 2014

Know the Record and Vote the Truth

Some people compare Legislation in the US House of Representatives, the Peoples' House, to making sausages. 

Some say the People don't want to know what goes on with their Representative behind government closed doors, like the great and powerful Wizard of Oz.

We disagree so much we filed for office against the odds of a rigged 2:1 D:R District.

We are the Independent Constitutional Candidate for Liberty/Libertad. 

We have faith in We the People. 

We know most eligible voters are fed up with the usual special interest party candidates and scandals they did not vote for misrepresenting them.

The Freshman special interest Incumbent won with votes from just 17% (113,967) of Las Vegas Congressional District 1 residents in 2012.

Let's not do that again.

So we offer a real candidate for the people now and intend to win for the majority, not just special interests.

We have faith more than 27% (179,278) of Las Vegas Congressional District 1's informed 659,962 residents will vote for our Real Constitutional Independent Libertarian candidate for the People in 2014, Richard (Ricardo Carlos) Charles, for Congress.

Know the facts and vote:

Dina Titus Votes Against The Peoples’ House

Date                 Bill                                                                    Majority vs Dina

7 May 2014        HR574  Lois G Lerner in Contempt of Congress       House Yes, DT no

10 April 2014     HCR96  Budget 2015 – 2024                                    House Yes, DT no

8 April 2014       HR1871 Baseline Reform Act 2013                           House Yes, DT no

4 April 2014       HR1874 ProGrowth Budget Act 2013                        House Yes, DT no

3 April 2014       HR2575 Save American Workers 2014                      House Yes, DT no

26 March 2014  HR1459 Public Involvement in Monuments                 House Yes, DT no

25 March 2014  HR2824 Preventing Government Waste/Miners          House Yes, DT no

14 March 2014  HR4015 Medicare Modernization Act of 2014             House Yes,  DT no

13 March 2014  HR3189 Water Rights Protection                               House Yes,  DT no

13 March 2014  HR3973 Faithful Execution of the Law                       House Yes,  DT no

12 March 2014  HR4138 President Enforce the Law                           House Yes,  DT no

6 March 2014    HA585  Prohibit Agency Social Carbon Costs            House Yes,  DT no

6 March 2014    HA587  Exempt Nuclear Projects from Review           House No,   DT yes

6 March 2014    HR2641 RAPID Regulatory Reviews                          House Yes,  DT no

 6 March 2014   HR3826 Affordable Secure Electricity                        House Yes,  DT no

5 March 2014    HR4118 SIMPLE Mandate Penalty Fairness              House Yes,  DT no

27 Feb 2014      HA561  Agency Negative Impact Reports                  House Yes,  DT no

27 Feb 2014      HR2804 Regulatory Transparency                            House Yes,  DT no

27 Feb 2014      HR3193 Consumer Financial Protection                    House Yes,  DT no

26 Feb 2014      HR3865 Stop IRS Partisanship                                 House Yes,  DT no

25 Feb 2014      HR1123 Wireless Consumer Choice Competition       House Yes,  DT no

29 Jan 2014       HR2642 Agricultural Reform                                     House Yes,  DT no

28 Jan 2014       HR7       No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion                House Yes,  DT no

9 Jan 2014         HR2279 Reducing Government Debts                      House Yes,  DT no

Here's what We The People can do here now:

2014: It's time to work to elect Constitutional Independent Representatives not funded by special interests.


Richard <Ricardo Carlos> Charles 

Now voters may better appreciate why we are taking 
on the responsibility of the Nevada Libertarian Party 
nominated Common Sense Fresh Start Politics of 
Prosperity Constitutional Campaign for 
US Representative in Las Vegas District 1.  

Join the campaign for Constitutional Government with more Justice, Life, Liberty, Peace and Prosperity for All.

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Register to vote Libertarian in Las Vegas here:

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