Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Now is the Time for Libertarians to Run and Win to Restore Constitutional Government

Watch this and then be part of the problem or part of the solution: 4:25

We are all Americans who love our country

Let's not get caught up in the same old tired divide and conquer false left-right Democrat-Republican special interest politics again that gave US $17 Trillion in public debts, $126 Trillion in unfunded government mandates, $234 Trillion in broken bank derivatives, with declining living standards for most and the majority of people not voting because they do not trust the usual party candidates.

In 2013 and 2014, there is a clear choice for Constitutional government, justice, liberty, life, peace and prosperity.

The sane winning choices are serious Libertarian candidates like Gary Johnson, Ron Paul and Richard Charles in Las Vegas.

Register to vote Libertarian in 2013 and 2014, the third largest and fastest growing political party in all 50 states.

Register to vote Libertarian in Las Vegas, Nevada here ASAP:

Give to our Libertarian US Congress Campaign ASAP here:


(We are the only serious National Candidate who accepts only individual donations of $100 or less per election), because they are anonymous and it is the right thing to do to stop special interest funding politics in its tracks.)  

An army marches on its stomach. 

We need your money to stand and deliver. We come from a multi-generation Delaware Indian military family dating from before the French and Indian War. 

After funding an $11.4 Billion medical device company, teaching at Stanford by Academic Senate Appointment, giving House Ways & Means published testimony on replacing the Income Tax, speaking at the first White House Conference on Small Business,  and working successful national political campaigns, we are disabled and retired. 

We live on social security trust and medicare government promises that the VA Secretary just threatened to Congress to cut off.$6b-in-vets-disability-pension-pay/

This is pretty much our last hurrah. We aim to do something lasting and worthwhile for our family and future generations, come hell, high water or politics as usual...

PS: Here's the next video. Register and fund today: 16:41

Less than a dollar a day for real Constitutional Representation is the bargain of a lifetime

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