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Fake Beheading PsyOp Propaganda?

Argus, Homeland, Zero Dark Thirty, now that government propaganda is officially legal, is it cheaper to fight the war for hearts and minds with Hollywood rather than the military? 

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The Fake James Foley Beheading Video: MSM Admits Its Fake – Tries to Salvage What They Can

by Scott Creighton
UPDATE: Unfortunately, the only thing that can distract the public from this failed psyop unraveling at the seams and threatening to lose all those corporate gains in Iraq is another 9/11:
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The fake James Foley beheading video was so badly conceived, in order to try to maintain it’s credibility a little longer, government shills started an online social media campaign in an effort to keep Americans from watching it. But it didn’t work.
Sites like mine and a few others (a few) openly discussed the flaws with the production value of the pro-war infomercial and Americans, tired of wars and the lies that bring them, found their way to the video then found their way to sites like this one as that little voice in the back of their heads said “uh. that’s bullshit”
The story of James Foley’s last kneel has crumbled completely as they attempt to salvage what they can from the manufactured consent psyop. The fake head lying on the fake body is their last ditch effort to maintain some semblance of credibility. Let’s do away with that shall we?
(oh wait… another “journalist” claims he memorized James’ last letter home. How touching. How dramatic. How incredibly stupid. You know damn well when they were writing that little plot-twist someone around that table suggested he smuggled the letter out in his butt. You know they did. You just know it. I wonder how long it took them to poo-poo that idea (sorry. couldn’t resist))
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James Foley was (is?) a Terrorist, Not a Hero

by Scott Creighton
James Foley spent his entire photojournalism career (thus far) as a government shill promoting one colonialist war of aggression after another. From Iraq to Libya to Syria to “ISIS”, James could always be counted on to embed himself with the aggressors and paint their behavior as heroic and humanitarian. He had a knack for missing the larger picture: how Iraqis hated the occupying forces in their country, how the Syrians hated the foreign terrorists James was embedded with, how the Libyans loved Muammar Gadhafi and how their nation had been much better off under his leadership. James missed all of that and reported on how wonderful the monsters were that we unleashed in Syria and Libya.
Foley also had a habit of getting himself “captured” by those the Obama administration needed to demonize: first by Gadhafi’s forces then by Assad and finally he ended up in the hands of a British MI6 agent pretending to be something called ‘ISIS”
For that, Alexander Reed Kelly and TruthDig named James Foley their “TruthDigger of the Week” (“…a group or person worthy of recognition for speaking truth to power, breaking the story or blowing the whistle.“)
I think we should clarify that a little, don’t you?
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The Fake James Foley Beheading Video: Yup, this about says it all

If you watch the James Foley Beheading Video… ISIS WINS!!!

by Scott Creighton
You know your ISIS Crisis propaganda video is an epic failure when: Sweeping the social media platforms is a new meme: “If you watch the James Foley Beheading Video… ISIS WINS!!!”
The James Foley beheading video is so obviously fake, they had to not only get social media platforms to agree to take it down whenever it popped up but also suspend any user to tries to link to it. Not only that, but now they have apparently contracted their armies of online influence peddlers to try to make the general population view watching the video as some kind of victory for ISIS. It is an online media campaign being waged to STOP people from looking at the propaganda they created hoping we would all look at it and be offended by it.
How bad does your propaganda piece have to be for it to result in a global online and MSM campaign to keep people from sharing it and looking at it? That is an EPIC FAIL of biblical proportions if ever I saw one. (examples of the Tweets after the break)
“And tonight on the Nightly News.. a new ISIS video is out showing them beheading a beloved white journalist! It’s so horrible you have to watch it and support Obama’s new war on Iraq. We will be… wait a minute… I’m getting new info from my producers… uh… mmm… no! don’t watch the video. If you watch the video, ISIS … uh… wins? yeah, ISIS wins. Just take our word for it. It’s not fake or anything. It’s bad… stuff.. and uh… just support the new bombing campaigns”
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ISIS’ Cheap Stage Knife and the James Foley Beheading Video

by Scott Creighton
(just a quick note for your consideration)
There are several types of stage knives from cheapies to custom-made blades which, except for the sharpness, are pretty real. You can reference the work done on the Lord of the Rings to see the high quality products being used these days.
For an example of the low-low quality ones, check out the fake James Foley beheading video. This had got to be one of the cheapest I’ve seen. No wonder they pulled it off Youtube.
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Here’s President Peace Prize After Condemning Fake James Foley Beheading Video

by Scott Creighton
Hours after promising to wipe ISIS out of the 21st century due to all that “international condemnation” following the Fake Foley Beheading Video, President Obama was on the links with multimillionaires fist-bumping and smiling like nothing happened. Below he’s seen with T. Cy Walker, a globalist trade patent lawyer for the firm Kenyon & Kenyon.  Cy is probably working on the TPP. Making up the rest of the foursome were Alonzo Mourning‎ and Glenn Hutchins.
Hutchins, I believe pictured below center, is on the board of directors of the New York Federal Reserve , a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a hedge fund billionaire.
While the country was processing the president’s condemnation of ISIS and mourning the loss of James Foley, Obama was yucking it up with billionaire elites in Martha’s Vineyard as if nothing happened. That’s because nothing did happen except our president lying once again.
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The James Foley Video is Obviously Fake

by Scott Creighton
UPDATE: The Fake James Foley Beheading Video: MSM Admits Its Fake – Tries to Salvage What They Can
UPDATE: James Foley was (is?) a Terrorist, Not a Hero
UPDATE: If you watch the James Foley Beheading Video… ISIS WINS!!!
UPDATE: The Fake Foley Beheading Video and Medyan Dairieh’s Embedding with ISIS
UPDATE: Here’s President Peace Prize After Condemning Fake James Foley Beheading Video
UPDATE: Twitter is suspending accounts of those tweeting images from the fake video
UPDATE: ISIS’ Cheap Stage Knife and the James Foley Beheading Video
Yesterday I wrote about the latest laughable twist to the ISIS Crisis campaign: the alleged beheading of “missing” journalist, James Foley. I would like to make one minor correction to yesterday’s rant: the video is a complete fake.
I had seen a video someone posted at Above Top Secret on a thread discussing the Foley fiasco which did show someone being beheaded. I had assumed that it was the Live Leak full video of the Foley beheading, not an edited version from Youtube which are all down at this time.
Turns out, that video was of someone else which is why yesterday I suggested they switched some poor soul for Foley at the moment of truth. That was not the case.
Today I have seen the real Foley beheading video and it is obviously a fake. It is professionally produced in some ambiguous dessert, could be government controlled Iraq, could be Jordan, could be outside Vegas for all I know.
What I do know is the video is a forgery. It’s well made except for the lack of the gory “beheading” special effects which would have been much more difficult to produce without the tell-tale CGI and taken much longer than they apparently had. The fact that the “dreaded ISIS” choose to exclude that particular part of the production belies the counterfeit nature of the video as does the reluctance by the MSM to actually show the fake crap to their audiences while simultaneously using it as justification, unquestioningly, for Obama’s renewed Iraq occupation.
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The ISIS Crisis Reaches Stupid Overload

by Scott Creighton
UPDATE: President Progressive™(read as: neoliberal ultra-right centrists) UNION BUSTERS:  former high ranking staffers, not satisfied with their contribution to Obama’s left cover CHANGE to a pure fascist state in America, have taken on various roles after leaving office battling unions on behalf of Big Business. Nothing says “fake liberal” like busting up teacher’s unions for Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey.
The ISIS Crisis lives on.
President Peace Prize has shown all his fake progressive followers his determined protector side. Taking his break from his vacation with the super rich, he spoke in magnificent hyperbole as he read his teleprompters bravely:
“Today the entire world is appalled by the brutal murder of Jim Foley by the terrorist group ISIL. James was taken from us in an act of violence that shocks the conscience of the entire world.” President Peace Prize
Palestinian children missing legs and siblings from yesterday’s WMD attacks launched by the most “moral army in the world” are probably sitting around wondering “how can we help Obama stamp out ISIS for killing that one guy? DAMN YOU ISIS!” they proclaim as their one legged mother digs a shallow grave for the remains of her husband… “DAMN YOU ISIS!!”
These kids and their parents are so worried about ISIS killing another guy who looks like some missing journalist, they are busy collecting scrap metal to trade in for cash to send to Obama so he can afford to send more Special Ops troops to Iraq to train the death squads. Oh, how wonderful and generous are the children.
I heard over in Donetsk while the neo-Nazis were shelling the city, all those pro-Russians took up a collection to send Obama a card saying
“Gee… we are so appalled by that beheading video, we really hope you focus all of your attention on them and not the Ukrainian military that shot that plane out of the sky and are currently turning our town into another Kosovo slaughterfest. Please President Peace Prize, avenge that globalist sycophantic reporter for all of us bleeding over here and weeping for his family!!!”
Yes, the ENTIRE world is appalled by that one well timed video featuring a BRITISH MI6 AGENT in a mask beheading some guy that looked vaguely familiar to James What’shisface.
“Well timed” you say?
Well, yes… it was just last week when the Pentagon had to admit their USAID (read as CIA) assets reported that those 40,000 trapped Christian Satanists on that mountain actually turned out to be one or two thousand and they weren’t really trapped there so much as they live there all year round. And suddenly, there was no reason for Obama to commit troops back in Iraq to save all those precious assets acquired by Big Business after the invasion of 2003.
But fear not! ISIS is dumb. Really, really dumb in a “here’s all the justification you need to come blow us up” kinda way.
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