Sunday, August 24, 2014

Autism Vaccination CDC Study Whistleblower

Rob Schneider Demands Answers on CDC MMR Fraud
Written by The Canary Party

   Sunday, 24 August 2014 14:59
In light of the revelation that Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist at CDC,
has admitted guilt in hiding data that found that black males are 340% more
likely to have an autism diagnosis when given the MMR before age 3,
Rob Schneider has written to the office of the Governor of California, Jerry Brown,
to assure himself that Brown is aware of the fraud, and to demand answers and
actions to protect California children.

From: Rob Schneider
Date: Fri, Aug 22, 2014 at 10:20 PM
Subject: CDC Autism Whistleblower Admits Vaccine Study Fraud - CNN iReport
To: Lark Park, Deputy Legislative Secretary, Governor's office <>

Dear Ms. Park,
This is Rob Schneider. I want to first thank you for calling me several years ago when
Governor Brown signed into law AB2109, the requirement for all parents of school children
to have to "be counseled" to get a Doctor's note in order to obtain a vaccine exemption to
attend public school in California.

As you may or may or not know this has caused hardships all over the state as Doctors have
refused to meet with parents who want the exemption form signed and families who have
been threatened with or have been kicked out of medical practices for not going along with
the exact Vaccine schedule, currently 49 shots of over 16 different Vaccines before the age
of Six Years old.

This in spite of a family's objections whose child may have had another sibling that had a
bad reaction to a particular Vaccine.

This policy of one size fits all Vaccine schedule for every child is as absurd as giving the
same eye prescription glasses to every child. The fact is EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT
and there is currently NO SYSTEM or thought to which child could be more susceptible
to adverse reactions including permanent injury and death from any Vaccine or Vaccine

Since I have opposed this undemocratic and onerous legislation (and Law) from its inception,
I have kept up on how it has affected families in California. Now there is more reason than
ever to be concerned, even outraged, by the CDC and by AB 2109.

A top Scientist and Researcher for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Dr. William
Thompson PHD, who did the major research safety study for the Measles Mumps and
Rubella Vaccine (MMR) has come forward as a whistleblower and admitted that the MMR
study was in fact fraudulent.

(I have attached a link of the news story from CNN for your convenience).

As a concerned citizen of the State of California, I feel compelled to share with you proof the
CDC committed fraud (I have copies of the original CDC report that was later suppressed
and fraudulently changed).

One disturbing disclosure, AFRICAN AMERICAN CHILDREN were and still are THREE
HUNDRED AND FIFTY PERCENT more likely to develop Autism under the current Vaccine
MMR schedule. This according to the original CDC study in 2001.

My question to you and Governor Brown is, how many children in California in the last
thirteen years since this report have been hurt? How many children in the US have been
permanently damaged?

Lastly, how many MORE children will be needlessly injured because of the bill Governor
Brown signed?

Before I pay for advertisements in News outlets, Sacramento Bee, etc, I would like to hear
what Governor Brown has to say in light of this new information.

This letter is being sent to my Representative in Congress, Congressman Sherman and to
my friend Congressman Posey of Florida and to both our State Senators as well as to other
media outlets.

I await your call or email and Governor Brown's prompt response.

The children of California deserve nothing less.
Rob Schneider

Laura Hayes, California mother and member of the Executive Leadership Team of, followed up on Mr. Schneider's email, by notifying the Governor's
office of additional malfeasance that members of the public have wanted investigated
and properly addressed for many years, and again requested that the parents be allowed
to exercise their right to full and informed consent in vaccination in the state of California,
by repealing coercive school vaccine mandate law.

from: Laura Hayes 
to: Rob Schneider
cc: Lark Park <>, ...

date: Fri, Aug 22, 2014 at 11:56 PM
subject: Re: CDC Autism Whistleblower Admits Vaccine Study Fraud - CNN iReport

Dear All,

Thank you, Mr. Schneider, for bringing this critically-important news to Governor Brown's
attention.  Truly unbelievable, but unfortunately not surprising, that mainstream media
hasn't made this their top story since the release of the CDC whistleblower video.  

Those of us who have been trying to bring forth the lies being told and perpetuated by the
CDC know this latest revelation is but one of many CDC cover-ups.  There is also the
transcript from the CDC-sponsored meeting in Simpsonwood, GA, in 2000, at which data
were presented clearly demonstrating the link between the thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines
and autism, in addition to its link to other developmental delays and disorders.

This information was never shared with the public.

There is also the review of the NVICP, which revealed that the government had indeed been
compensating cases of vaccine-induced autism for well over 2 decades, despite CDC
representatives claiming publicly that such a case had never been compensated.

There is also the CDC cover-up of what they found in Brick Township, NJ, back in the late
'90s.  They discovered a vaccine link to the epidemic numbers of young children with autism
in Brick Township, NJ.  True to form, they left after their investigation without a word to the
 townspeople, never to reveal what they discovered.

There is also the CDC's continual citing of a study done by one of the FBI's Most Wanted
Criminals, Paul Thorsen.  Despite stealing the grant money given to him by the U.S.,
his study is still cited, as though it was valid (his study said there was no link between
thimerosal and autism).

Many of these items, among other important issues, are covered in a "back to school" article
I recently wrote:

I sincerely hope that you will respond promptly to Mr. Schneider. I also hope that Governor
Brown will make it a priority to overturn AB2109 and AB499, both of which he signed into law.


Laura Hayes


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