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DC Illegals Game

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Obama’s Border Game, and Why Republicans Are Doomed to Lose It

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President Obama has deliberately provoked the current crisis along our nation’s southwestern border in an effort to force House Republicans to pass the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” amnesty plan.

Illegal immigrants are pouring in by the trainload, and the violent MS-13 gang is recruiting in detention centers. Polls show that voters strongly disapprove (58%) of Obama’s handling of the crisis he caused, but an even larger majority — 66%disapprove of how Republicans in Congress are dealing with the immigration problem:

Almost as many Republicans disapprove of their party’s handling of the issue as say they approve, with negative ratings rising to a majority among conservatives.

Republican voters are not so stupid that they can’t see the blinding truth: [RINO] Republican politicians despise the people who elect them.

In 2006 and 2007, President Bush and Senator John McCain pushed for an amnesty bill that was only stopped because of the all-out opposition of conservative activists like Michelle Malkin.

Nevertheless — despite the all-out opposition of those same conservative activists — the Republican Party nominated [RINO] McCain as their presidential candidate, thus guaranteeing Obama’s election.

[RNC RINO's and MR kicked Ron Paul, his votes and delegates to the curb, refusing with an empty chair to let him speak.] 

If you talked to reporters who followed the “Maverick” around on his “Straight Talk Express” campaign trips, you could learn the depth of McCain’s contempt for Republican voters, especially Christian conservatives.

He and his liberal advisers (e.g., Steve Schmidt) disdained the typical GOP primary voter as an ignorant, bigoted dimwit, and more than once McCain has condemned conservative opponents of amnesty as racists.

Nor is John McCain alone in this. As we recently learned in the Mississippi Senate primary campaign, the GOP’s big-money donors and the Republican establishment would rather run race-baiting ads against conservatives and illegally bribe Democrat voters than to permit a conservative to unseat one of the leadership’s reliable stooges.

Thad Cochran will vote the way the money boys tell him to vote, and we know what that means in terms of immigration policy:

A trio of billionaires — Sheldon Adelson, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates — say they want to “End the Immigration Impasse,” to quote the headline of their recent New York Times op-ed article.
The article will do nothing to end that impasse, however, because the authors show no understanding of why it exists in the first place.

For the authors, the way to end the impasse is for Congress to enact a comprehensive reform along the lines of the bill that the Senate passed last year. They imagine that everyone important in Washington agrees on the broad outlines of that bill and are merely squabbling over petty details. Everyone would resolve their differences in short order if they only remembered their larger purpose of serving the people.

None of this is true, of course. Some people in Washington oppose the bill, or don’t want to vote for it, and not just because of the details.

Others mildly favor the bill but have reasons for letting the opponents get their way. Many suspect Speaker of the House John Boehner falls into this category.

Adelson et al say nothing to address either the opponents’ concerns about the bill — such as their worry that legalizing illegal immigrants will create an incentive for new illegal immigration — or Boehner’s concerns about angering the opponents.

The Republican Party is led and controlled by greedy unprincipled[RINO] swine who believe in nothing except the aggrandizement of their own power, privilege and personal wealth.

These selfish and corrupt swindlers didn’t get to where they are because they were unwilling to do whatever billionaires would pay them to do. The GOP leadership loves money almost as much as they hate voters.

[0 raised almost twice what M raised, from Google, Government, Microsoft and Universities

Obama is now “negotiating” with House Republicans over their next agreement to betray the people who elected them.

BTW, as one who is married to a "Permanent Resident Alien," I cannot describe how much I loathe the term "undocumented immigrant. Note how nefarious that is. "Immigrant" is a status conveyed by law, contrasted with "alien" or "foreigner." The term presupposes that Americans no longer have any right to determine who can join our society but that somehow the world can make that determination. Both parties, albeit for different reasons, seek nothing less than the destruction of our sovereignty.

Republican politicians despise the people who elect them.
That's exactly right and vise versa. Conservatives, unlike liberals, are capable of objective rather than partisan thought. So whereas a liberal would rather die than admit one of their politicians did something wrong ("Maybe Anthony Weiner's wife deserves to be cheated on!") conservatives can say, hey, I voted for you and you're doing something wrong.
As a group, conservatives have no representation in government. It's all Democrats and Republicans, virtually no conservatives. So long, America. It was nice to know you for awhile.

Both parties and their politicians despise actual Americans, as well as the Founders' constraints placed upon their power. Power is their animating force and attaining/retaining it their sole raison d'être. Their stupidity lies in thinking that they can continue to ignore us with impunity.


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