Saturday, March 22, 2014

Amended Team Nevada Candidate Survey Response

Thank you for your Team Nevada emailed candidate questions. 

We are a legal actual resident of Nevada since 1976, when we opened a restaurant called The Greenhouse at Stateline. 

After 44 years of experience with National Political Parties of which Washington warned in his Farewell Address, we appreciate your mission and support of grassroots candidates for increased liberty (and responsibility), limited government, with reduced taxes (for productive jobs, peace and prosperity). 

We were endorsed by Ron Paul in a previous national campaign. 

We already rejected out of state Campaign Manager Proposals and compromising support from special interests. 

We limit our donations to $100 for each election from registered voters only. 

We think our experience with numerous successful campaigns can help win this for all Nevada Americans, not just special interests who pay for and even write legislation.

Message and principle can count more than lobbyist money in this Internet Age, particularly after elections were decided by a minority of voters with an alienated silent majority electorate. 

The key is representing all voters, not just special interests, to earn that alienated silent majority voter turnout. 

We signed up to receive your Team Nevada emails, thanks. 

We are majority Independent Constitutional Candidate for National Office in Nevada, namely Las Vegas Congressional District 1 US Representative.  We think America is better served by the free enterprise private sector.

As we all know, this seat was formerly held by Harry Reid, the current Senate Majority Leader, 31 year career politician and government growth advocate. 

Las Vegas CD1 is currently occupied by a multimillionaire Freshman who lost the race for Nevada Governor and lost US Congressional District 3.

The Freshman voted for Expanded Domestic Espionage, Increased Government Debts, Spending and Taxation, Indefinite Detention and Obamacare, scoring 10% on the Cumulative Freedom Index: 

Re your Three Team Nevada Candidate Questions ~

Bill of Rights IX and X suggest your questions may be Local and States Rights, rather than direct National legislative Constitutional responsibility. 

1.) You probably know that in 2005, Nevada Assembly Bill 18 authored by Assemblyman Bob McCleary, D-North Las Vegas to conserve energy, died without a vote when people pointed out it would put Nevada two hours behind Utah and one hour behind California, complicating interstate business:

(The Arizona State Senate Majority Leader who owned a string of drive-ins profited by eliminating DST in 1968.):

2) To the best of our knowledge, always open to more accurate information, Federal Government websites, with the possible exception of the dysfunctional $630 M Obamacare website, are already designed to be functional on browsers in addition to MSFT IE:

Some questioned a possible conflict of interest with the First Lady's African American Princeton classmate's company reportedly having the only high bid of 16 qualified and four submitted, that was actually reviewed for the Obamacare website: 

Before voting on budgets spending precious taxpayer funds, we like to read and carefully consider them from all angles for all Americans. 

Less is more when it comes to legislation.

3) The Frederick Douglass Speaker Series last year at the College of Southern Nevada certainly made many of us more aware of his impassioned tireless fight for liberty as a freed American Slave. 

As a citizen of partial Native American descent who did not ask for special rights, I agree with his vow, "I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong." 

We also appreciate the Native American Trade School founder and Nevada Agricultural and Railroad work of Nevada's first Senator, Silver Senator William Morris Stewart, who resolved the Comstock Lode claims disputes, employed Mark Twain as personal secretary and wrote the 15th Amendment, Voting Rights for All Americans. 

Although State Holidays are first a local and state issue, if there is sufficient grassroots and national political support for honouring both or either of these good men as good examples of American character, we will work do so.



Now voters may better appreciate why we are taking 
on the responsibility of the Nevada Libertarian Party 
nominated Common Sense Fresh Start Politics of 
Prosperity Constitutional Campaign for 
US Representative in Las Vegas District 1. 

Join the campaign for Constitutional Government with more Justice, Life, Liberty, Peace and Prosperity for All.

Compra Los Documentos Fundadores EstadoUnidenses 

en el Espanol, Aqui': 
Register to vote Libertarian in Las Vegas here:  

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