Monday, February 10, 2014

What We Can Do Right Now to Fix American Government

Democrat and Republican registrations fell year over year from 2013 to 2014:

More Americans consider themselves Independents now:

Elect Independent Libertarians to represent the long-suffering silent majority and retire the multi-millionaire special interest politicians.

Learn which 1% fictitious names buy special interest laws here: 

Learn special interest politician voting track records here:
Here some inconvenient facts:

Only half of eligible voters actually register to vote.

Only half of active registered voters actually vote.

That guarantees mathematically, that even if the election winner gets 100% of the vote, they are empowered by only 25% of the electorate, less for the people they claim to represent. 

Special interests take advantage of lax Voter ID laws to vote dead, moved, non-citizen names to throw elections:

Special interests concentrate on wedge voter issues to divide and conquer voters.

Instead of dealing with actual majority issues, special interest politicians spend unlimited vast 527 special interest funds:

They smear bona fide majority candidates with dirty attack ads that further reduce voter turnout.

The result is that until 2014, over 90% of incumbents were re-elected by the machine politics:

2014 is different. 

Voters are mad as heck and ready for voter revolution.  

In 2014 the Libertarian Party is nominating significant candidates for Constitutional Change in Government, from local to state to federal level.

This may be our last chance to free America for better days.

Register to vote for better government here and just do it on Tuesday 4 November 2014: 

We will win back American justice, liberty, life, peace and prosperity if we do this.

Now voters may better appreciate why we are undertaking the challenge of a Common Sense Fresh Start Politics of Prosperity Constitutional Campaign for US Representative in Las Vegas District 1. 

Join the campaign for Constitutional Government with Justice, Life, Liberty, Peace and Prosperity now.

Register to vote Libertarian in Las Vegas here:  
Feel free to share with significant others to leaven the way for justice, liberty, life, peace and prosperity


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