Thursday, February 20, 2014

Military Food Stamp Use Up +233%

Obama Flipping Off

Food Stamp Usage Up 233% Under Obama – 
For Our Military
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A report by The Blaze indicates that food stamp usage by military families has sharply increased since President Obama came into office.  

In 2013, roughly $104 million was used at military commissaries in 2013, up from $31 million in 2008.

Roughly $104 million worth of food stamps were redeemed at military commissaries in 2013, according to the latest data from the Defense Commissary Agency.
Military families used food stamps to purchase milk, cheese, meat and bread at the military grocers, CNN Money reported.
“I’m amazed, but there’s a very real need,” said Thomas Greer, spokesman for Operation Homefront, a group dedicated to assisting soldiers in financial straits.
Food stamp participation in the U.S. military saw a sharp increase in 2008, during the worldwide financial meltdown, and it has risen every year since.
The chart below (courtesy The Blaze) helps illustrate the sharp increase over the past five years.
Military Food Stamp Chart
Allen West writes:

They stand guard upon Freedom’s rampart. They answer the call to secure the blessings of liberty for our Republic. Their families shed tears as they say the words that could be eternal: good-bye. They are the best amongst us and carry on the legacy of those who volunteered to stand at Concord Bridge.
But they are also apparently despised and disregarded by this Obama administration — which should be ashamed of this latest national embarrassment. 

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