Saturday, April 27, 2013

To End Government Violence

Big bloated corporate government seem to have forgotten who is boss. We the people are. They answer to US.

BBCG rely on Hollywood TV mainstream media aided and abetted false flags and psyops to keep US silent or hiding out in a disabled hypnotic violent state of fear or loathing.

According to the anonymous Gallup Poll, citizen trust in Federal Government reached a new low since 1935 when Gallup began.

Just 19% of Americans trust government always or most of the time, while 81% do not: 

What is the reason for this widespread distrust?

In a nutshell, government instituted violence denies peace, prosperity and constitutional protections of freedom and responsibility for the people.

America was at war most of the last five decades: 

Wars on our Bill of Rights, wars on drugs run by and for government elite, wars on family, wars on liberty, wars on resource rich countries that won't use the devalued indebted dollar, wars on peace, wars on property, wars on prosperity, wars on work, wars on the American Way of Life.

We saw government connected Wall Street CEO criminals too big to jail waltz away to their French Chateaus and yachts with immunity and impunity from government courts, regulators and prosecutors not doing their Constitutional jobs to try and jail corrupt government cronies.

We saw Congress run by banks and corporate media military industrial complex pass Affordable Health Care, Department of Homeland Security, Fast and Furious Gun Running, Food Safety Act, Gun Safety, Mandatory junk vaccines like Gardasil, National Defense Authorization of Standing Armies, Patriot and Transportation Safety Acts and Peace in the Middle East and Africa that were anything but what their titles claimed.

Congress proved it would not do the Constitutional job balancing the budget, eliminating its own insider trading, lowering red tape and taxes, retiring the public debt or upholding our Constitution. 

Corrupt national representatives not doing their job must be voted out of office in 2014 and replaced by those who will defend, protect and serve our Constitution, not corporate union insider pets taking $162,000 buyouts to not do their job, while voting to shut down the internet and not requiring government employees to pay their taxes or welfare recipients to work:

We the people will no longer allow MSM political divide and conquer shenanigans like 9000 Police and SWAT Teams armed with military equipment, including Infra-red Armoured Helicopters and Assault Vehicles invading homes and shooting an unarmed 19 year-old hiding in a boat, ignoring a Saudi national on the terrorist list with ten relatives, who repeatedly visited the White House with a First Lady visit in the hospital, DHS shutting down Amtrack to NYC and overrunning Boston streets in an exaggerated display of power run amuck with friendly fire casualties and subterfuge from elected politicians as drunken crowds chanted 'USA' and threw beer cans in the air for political cover: 0:43 2:01

MSM just rolled over to perpetrate more Government lies, while internet bloggers with integrity asked the right questions and were jammed or shut down: 

Anyone who questions the official MSM BBCG narrative is smeared as a conspiracy theorist or enemy of the state. 

Anyone who believes The State may be headed for indefinite detention by The State.

Take your pick.

We know the good guys win in the end. 

It will require the courage and commitment of the 81% majority of American voters to end government violence and restore our Constitutional Democratic Republic from what Newsweek called a Police State:

(Actual) Newsweek Magazine : Police State - America's New Way of Life & School Children First in Line for Security Chip Implants

(Actual) Newsweek Magazine : Police State - America's New Way of Life & School Children First in Line for Security Chip Implants

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