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2014: The Year of Libertarian Popular Progressive Centrist Candidates?

(This economic political essay consists of a historical survey of American politics with repercussions for the 2014 and 2016 elections.)

The lessons of economic and political history are constructive for those who take the time to learn them.

Their broad arcs swing like a pendulum, from deficit decline to surplus growth and back again:

There is wisdom in those who see and honour the connection between economics and politics.

American politicians, perverting the ideas of economist investor mathematician John Maynard Keynes, generally preferred budget deficits and balance sheet debt usury leverage to increase their perceived powers, with few exceptions. As a result, our private real economy was in broad real economic decline with few notable exceptions.

To those who like to recite the long-term growth of the American economy ad infinitum, we say subtract the Fed monetary illusion that reduced the value of the dollar from $18.92 in gold in 1913 to $1923.70 in 2011, so far a deliberate -99.99% debt usury confiscation and devaluation of wealth by central bankers counterfeiting the dollar:

By this gold constant measure, the Dow is not at a 14,684.49 all-time high, but an incomprehensible 1.47 Dow in terms of 1913 prices. We are but hypnotised by money changers Christ drove out of His Father’s house.

Alan Greenspan knew this when he wrote ‘Gold and Economic Freedom’ in 1966 for Ayn Rand’s Capitalism,the Unknown Ideal, before he became Federal Reserve Chairman from 1987 to 2006.

From 1979 to 2006, under Fed Chairs Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan, the dollar largely held its value with gold from $279 to $444, a range of +/- 9% from the median price of $305.

When the new Fed Chair came in, gold began to skyrocket to $1923.70 in a vain attempt to keep his promise to monetarist Milton Friedman in his 90th birthday that the Fed would not allow another Great Depression and could even resort to throwing Ben Franklin $100 Federal Reserve Notes out of Fed helicopters.

As we know from experience, economy and polity are more than monetarism.

Alan Greenspan is acutely aware of this, having suggested in 2011: 

There are numbers of us, myself included, who strongly believe that we did very well in the 1870 to 1914 period with an international gold standard.”

In that same interview, he wondered if it were time to end the now century-old Federal Reserve Central Bank:

Central Banker Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild, who learned debt discount/usury fractional reserve banking from the Hospitallers, Templars and Lombardy Merchant Banks, is reported to have said:

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws"

After long economic depression triggered by the French and Indian War, part of the Seven Year’s War Churchill described as the First World War, George Washington fought in the Revolutionary War for Independence, which destroyed the first Colonial fiat currency, the Continental.

GW presided over the Constitutional Convention which defined legal tender as only gold and silver. 

He put down the Shays and Whiskey homeless debtor prison Veterans rebellions and redeemed worthless Continentals with silver from the Whiskey Tax and unpaid veterans. 

He warned Americans for all times to beware foreign entanglements and political parties. GW’s picture is on the dollar bill on the other side of his Master Mason’s pyramid eye and Great Seal re the New World Order of the Ages:

Thomas Jefferson, a Democrat-Republican Libertarian (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness), who kept and slept with slaves and advocated their freedom, secured the Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon, wrote the Declaration of Independence and secured the Bill of Rights. His picture is on the Two Dollar bill:

Benjamin Franklin promoted the blessings of character and virtues of thrift. He edited the Declaration of Independence and secured support for the Revolutionary War from the French and Polish. His picture still graces the $100 bill.

In 1835 President Jackson, a Scottish Democratic-Republican turned Democrat fought the central bankers, balanced the US budget and paid off the US Debt for one glorious year. He survived assassination attempts. His picture is still on the Twenty Dollar Bill.

His successor, Dutch-speaking New York Governor and Senator Martin Van Buren, exploited the machine politics of the Tammany Hall political patronage and spoils system.

One-term Democrat Van Buren reversed Jackson policies of thrift. He promoted “free trade” that created deficits, drove Mormons from their homes in Missouri and Indians from the South on the Trail of Tears. He denied Texas statehood. He suffered the panic of 1837 when banks failed and went off gold and silver currency.

This led to prolonged depressions in the 1800s, paying for Indian, Mexican-American, Civil and World Wars of Aggression with Robber Baron and Carpetbagger industry and land-grabs:

War does not create things or prolong life.

War breaks things, loses lives and causes inflationary booms and deflationary busts, as country Lawyer Lincoln proved with the Civil War. 

He bypassed New York banker usury with Treasury-issued Greenbacks and Martial Law suspending due process, habeus corpus and posse comitatus. 

Because Lincoln freed the slaves and preserved the Union at the cost of his life, his picture is on the Five Dollar Bill:

Disaffection from lingering 19th Century agricultural and economic depressions elected pro-enterprise Republicans with economic freedoms and protections of private property.

Republican Presidents of Prosperity included popular anti-Trust wealthy Harvard historian pro-environment progressive reformer Bull Moose President Teddy Roosevelt. TR presided from 1901 to 1909 over generally rising markets, including a 46% correction:

Rough Rider TR was succeeded in a three-way presidential race when the winner, Democrat Woodrow Wilson, did not get a majority of the votes:

Exactly a century ago Presbyterian Minister son, Princeton President and New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson railed on the radio against the same Money War Trust that funded him. He presided over falling markets from 1913 to 1921:

WW signed off on the Federal Reserve Central Bank, the IRS and vote for women.

WW created government programs that foreshadowed the Democrat New Deal. 

He raised taxes to pay for the programs and the first World War. 

WW negotiated Versailles war reparations that bankrupted Weimar Germany with hyperinflation wheelbarrow money. 

This led to the rise of Hitler and World War II. 

WW still holds the Presidential record for most rounds of golf in office, although President Obama is catching up:

WW refused to pay promised Veteran Bonuses after the war. He was widowed at the White House, and married a direct descendant of Pocahontas. She ran the country when her husband was confined to the Lincoln Bed after a stroke:

WW was succeeded by Amherst College President, Massachusetts Governor and popular laissez faire President Calvin Coolidge. 

His emblem was “The Business of America is Business.” 

His peace, freedom and prosperity platform created the Roaring Twenties with rising markets from 1923 to 1929:

Columnist Dorothy Parker bet Cal at a White House Dinner she could get more than two words out of him.

He responded, “You lose.”

CC refused a third Presidential term, saying two were good enough for Washington.

Coolidge was lukewarm on Stanford miner philanthropist Hoover. He derided the ambitious wealthy Rockefeller-funded Commerce Secretary as "Wonder Boy". He was reluctant to choose Hoover as his successor. On one occasion he remarked, "for six years that man has given me unsolicited advice—all of it bad.”

President Hoover had the misfortune to be elected one-term President from 1929 to 1933 after eight years of Coolidge prosperity. 

He gave his salary back like Presidents Kennedy and Obama (5%). 

Hoover’s first 120 days up to the 1929 stock market crash included more press conferences than any other President. On the eve of the crash, Hoover declared, “Poverty will be banished from this nation.”

As an engineer, Hoover claimed to eliminate waste from government while he implemented failed government spending and shovel-ready “Pro-Labour” programs that marked the actual start of the Great Depression New Deal.

Hoover raised taxes to pay for these government programs and ordered young Army officers Eisenhower, MacArthur and Patton to stop a Bonus Army march by WWI veterans still seeking their promised bonus pay the second decade after WW I ended.

MacArthur used arsenite vomit gas, bayonets, bulldozers, cavalry with swords drawn and tanks to clear the Hooverville camp of homeless, hungry unemployed soldiers and their families. There were hundreds of casualties and deaths, including police, veterans and their children.    

Hoover’s most destructive economic legacy was signing the Smoot Hawley Trade tariffs on 20,000 imported goods into law in 1930, the second highest tariffs in US History, exceeded only slightly in 1828. Retaliatory tariffs by US trade partners quickly reduced US trade by 50%, contributing to the severity of the Great Depression:

Today, competitive and retaliatory currency devaluations with free rather than fair trade parallel the destructive elements and effects of Smoot Hawley trade tariffs. 

They eliminate productive American jobs and decrease productive American economy. 

American multinationals outsource and import cheap illegal scab labour. They unintentionally reduce consumers for their products and reduce general prosperity. 

Ford grew wealthy by paying his employees top dollar. So did Gates, who bought Ford Cobras for his top employees.

FDR ran in a three-way race for President and co-opted the Socialist Plank of Presbyterian Minister Norman Thomas (who at first admired the Communist Russian Revolution) to win election:

The planks of Marxism included centralized banking, education, healthcare and progressive taxation with industrial policy, planned economy and public national ownership of private assets. 

These platforms are now de facto de novo American policy. On his deathbed in 1924 Lenin said Russia had reverted to "a bourgeois tsarist machine... barely varnished with socialism”:

Wealthy Delano-Russell opium-running heir FDR was elected President four times from 1933 to 1945. He and the MSM hid his disability from polio. FDR repealed Prohibition, drank, smoked and allegedly whored bi-sexually like a distillery chimney on shore leave from Eleanor, who preferred the company of women:

FDR packed the Supreme Court during the Great Depression and implemented strong unconstitutional government wartime controls such as an industry panel based on political patronage. 

He seized Constitutional gold and repudiated Constitutional gold contracts retroactively, with threats of ten years in prison. He devalued the dollar -80% to stimulate the economy. It did not work, as predicted by the unpopular Austrian Credit Business cycle:

His politics were so strong-arm, bordering on totalitarian, that Smedley Butler, the most decorated Marine in history, called War a Racket and warned of a multinational corporate fascist German business plot to overthrow the American government and way of life. The plot, ridiculed by MSM, was confirmed by Congressional hearings:

Not everyone realizes various political dynasties did significant business trade with Hitler:

Needless to say, though academics and political revisionists loved to credit the “liberal” New Deal and World War II with saving America from the Great Depression, the facts are that the market from 1933 when FDR was President, to 1945, when FDR died in office, barely went sideways, down in real terms of gold.

Taxes soared as as high as 96%. Multiple 100% market rallies corrected back again, not unlike these volatile financial times.

The market did not recover 1929 highs until 1954, after numerous bankruptcies. Counting inflation, the Dow did not recover until the 1960’s after JFK was president, cut taxes and put in steel tariffs to protect American industry.

Before FDR, liberal meant political liberty, equality, jobs, justice and prosperity.

After FDR, liberal meant big government bureaucracy, inflation, recession, red tape and unemployment.

As one myopic modern liberal put it, “I would rather have government pay for charity than I.” The big lie of modern government liberals is that we can get something for nothing.

Although our Constitution requires uniform government taxes, it does not require government charity, as Tennessee Frontiersman Militia Colonel Davy Crockett knew when he told Congress to reach into their own pockets for their own good works, rather than the taxpayer’s pockets:

Government charity is a moral hazard and oxymoron.

Who wants to work when they think they can get a free lunch, phone or ride?

As Maggie Thatcher put it, the trouble with socialism is politicians run out of other people's money.

(Update: The Iron Lady passed of a stroke at 87 as this essay was written.)

Government today claims to tax the rich and protect the middle class and poor.

Government actually exempts some of the biggest crony corporations, richest churches and foundations from tax.

Including inflation, property, sales taxes, twenty new taxes and 20,000 new IRS agents of Obamacare, government spends and taxes the middle class and poor more today than ever before on a total percentage basis. 

As Aristotle and Adam Smith knew, a Constitutional uniform tax rate for all more quickly restores prosperity than any other government policy:

After FDR’s death by stroke at Warm Springs, farmer haberdasher Pendergast Machine politician from the Show Me State, Senator and Vice President Harry Truman, became the 33rd president from 1945 to 1953.

His Senate Truman Committee brought him to national prominence exposing waste, fraud, and corruption in wartime contracts. 

As President after FDR passed, Give-em Hell Harry fire-bombed many Japanese cities, including March 1945 air raids on Tokyo that killed 100,000 people, most of them civilians, in one night. 

Truman dropped Little Boy on Hiroshima and Fat Man on Nagasaki, killing over a quarter million people, most of them civilians, in four months. Many of them died horrible wasting deaths from painful radiation burns and sickness.

Truman took America into war with North Korea, backed by their China and Soviet Union neighbors. He recalled MacArthur who wanted to clean out the Communists. 

The Korean armistice to this day has not declared peace, and is currently ramping up with war declarations the new Defense Secretary takes seriously by moving air, missile and naval support to the China Sea.

The upshot of the Truman war Presidency was a Dow that went sideways to down when adjusted for the cost of living, with an economy that went into a triple dip recessions in 1945, 1949 and 1953:     

Prohibition whiskey-running and Hollywood heir wealthy Harvard Democrat, PT Boat survivor, Profiles in Courage putative author (actually JFK speechwriter CIA Director nominee Ted Sorenson), London School of Economics dropout and Marilyn Monroe boyfriend President JFK and dedicator of the Amherst Robert Frost Library, authorized silver certificate dollars backed with silver per the Constitution and reduced taxes:

JFK presided over peace and prosperity until he called off military support for the failed Ike-authorized CIA Mafia Bay of Pigs Operation Zapata invasion to recover nationalized assets. 

That led to the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

JFK twice tripled military advisers in the French Indochina Vietnam War, supported by the US since 1950, when Truman was President with the un-won Korean War. 

This escalated to a 25-year un-won war in Southeast Asia. 

After US corporate government deposed a democratically-elected leader in Iran with Operation Ajax and Kermit Roosevelt, installing the Shah and his dreaded secret police Savak, we continued to prosecute pre-emptive unwinnable intrigues and wars in the Middle East since the 1990 Persian Gulf War approaching another 25 year unwon war. 

Some New World Order:

JFK was angered by the CIA Mafia's Bay of Pigs failure, and declared he wanted "to splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds." 

Kennedy commented to his journalist friend Ben Bradlee, "The first advice I'm going to give my successor is to watch the generals and to avoid feeling that because they were military men their opinions on military matters were worth a damn.":

After JFK was assassinated his silver dollar standard was eliminated. Yet during his and his successor LBJ’s tenure, the sound money Dow went from 536 in 1961 to 995 in Jan 1966. 

The simultaneous Great Society and Vietnam butter and guns spending with tax hikes crowded out private prosperity and returned the Dow to 631 after LBJ announced he would not run for President again in March 1968:

President Nixon presided over a Dow decline from 985 in 1968 after he was elected, to 577 in 1974 after he resigned.

Along the way the Fed tried to tighten the money supply to offset the guns and butter fiscal policy.

Nixon proclaimed “We’re all Keynesians now” and continued budget deficit spending and trade deficit policies.

He eliminated the dollar gold trade standard in August 1971, instituted price and wage controls that did not work, ramped up lethal B-52 Rolling Thunder carpet bombing in Cambodia, Laos and Cambodia before ending the Vietnam War and the Draft.

Nixon initiated free not fair trade with Communist China that ultimately exacerbated US budget and trade deficits that put America out of work, where we are now, facing bankruptcy because of chronic deficits, debts and unemployment. 

These political economic diseases could be eliminated overnight by returning to Constitutional sound internet money with uniform taxes with real-time internet representation on issues and votes, so we the people can actually see and vote on what politicians are doing:   

Jimmy Carter presided over a Dow decline from 1014 the year he was elected, to 742 the year before the Iran Hostages were taken. The market went nowhere under his Presidency. The economy went South with a 22% official Misery Index that led to the election of Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan with Rockefeller choice George Bush as VP:

Ronald Reagan was the first President to major in Economics.  His CIA Director VP HW, the youngest pilot in WWII, Yale pitcher, majored in Economics Yale as a Phi Beta Kappa in two and a half years. W was the only President with a major in History and an MBA.

RR was the only President to understand and practice unpopular but accurate Austrian and Libertarian Economics, along with Maggie Thatcher, Jack Kemp, Ron Paul and Paul Ryan.

[Update: Baroness Thatcher passed at 87 last night of a stroke as this political paen was written.]  

Like JFK, RR cut taxes to grow the peacetime economy. 

He also reduced the number of Federal Regulations with Sunset expiration provisions in the Federal Register.

The result was a market that went from Dow 777 to 2722 before the 1987 crash from too much Keynesian debt and deficit spending that took the USA from the world’s largest creditor to largest debtor and dropped the dollar -46% from 1986 to 1988. The result was an economy that grew at a real 8% rate in 1984 and created more jobs than any Presidency:

The significance of more prosperity for all is illustrated by the correlation of the Gini coefficient that measures wealth disparity and equality, with quality and quantity of life.

The Gini coefficient ranges from 0, perfect equality and 1, ultimate disparity, the 99%/ 1% Occupy scenario where the top 1% own most of the world’s wealth.

Researchers Richard G. Wilkinson and Kate Pickett found higher rates of health and social problems (obesity, mental illness, homicides, teenage births, incarceration, child conflict, drug use), and lower rates of social goods (life expectancy, educational performance, trust among strangers, women's status, social mobility, even numbers of patents issued) in countries and states with higher inequality.

Using statistics from 23 developed countries and the 50 states of the US, they found social/health problems lower in countries like Japan and Finland and states like Utah and New Hampshire with high levels of equality, than in countries (US and UK) and states (Mississippi and New York) with large differences in household income. 

This is not to advocate or regulate forced government or market wealth transfer but to increase wealth creation with sound money and uniform tax rates specified in the US Constitution.

Inflation and taxes invariably transfer wealth from poor to rich as money buys special interest enforcement and legislation, perhaps why certain criminal Wall Street CEOs are still free and rich under the Obama regime:

Hillary Rodham Clinton is now posturing for President in 2016, more than three years from now.

A website claims she is the leader we need to keep our country moving forward:

We are not so sure angry, dead, homeless or hungry unemployed people in Afghanistan, Al-Shifa aspirin factory, Benghazi Embassy, Bin Laden Station, Bosnia, Canada, Cuba, Dayton, Dead friends of the Clintons, Domestic espionage, East Timor, Egypt, FBI political vetting files, Gaza, Haiti, Herzegovina, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Korea, Kosovo, Libya, Loral strategic technology exports to PRC, Murrah Building, Northern Ireland, Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, Mexico, Mogadishu, Nuclear secrets thefts from Sandoz labs, Pakistan, Palestine, Rwanda, Sarajevo, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tyson Pork Belly accounts, US Treasury, USS Cole, Utah Coal, Yugoslavia, Waco, Wag the Dog, Whitewater Investors, or WTC I might agree, after logging a million miles as Secretary of State or no.

We’ll leave that for political analysts to decipher re the potential 69 year-old candidate in 2016.

One of the reasons Barack Obama was elected over HRC in 2008 was he had less political baggage, mainstream media (MSM) and Court smothered Birther issues aside.

Perhaps it is worth noting HRC’s husband’s understudy Al Gore came close to occupying the White House, but no cigar, dangling chads and Ohio voter machine tabulations or no. Instead he got AAPL stock as Director.

We see the biggest barrier to HRC in 2016 as 2014.

Assuming we have free elections in 2014, they may provide a significant voter referendum on the economy under the Obama Democrat Presidency if disaffected disappointed citizens actually turn out to vote.

In 2008 and 2012, the loyal opposition ran candidates against Obama with political baggage who could not and did not win, despite considerable MSM hype implying an actual choice.

GOP apparatus, somewhat enabled by MSM, smothered the one candidate who could win, Constitutional Libertarian Ron Paul.

GOP and MSM buried victorious Ron Paul Constitutional Bill of Rights, Libertarian and Youth votes in the Caucuses and Primaries. They did not seat Ron Paul delegates at the Tampa Convention, let alone allow him to share the stage under what used to be the big tent. 

This was bad political calculus blowback, since Ron Paul outpolled BO and MR, particularly after stirring debate performances his third time running for President. 

New Mexico Governor Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson did not even get the debate stage, let alone fair and impartial MSM coverage. 

The Internet may be the great leveler for rational prosperity politics in 2014:

The Obama confederacy in 2012 effectively asked for four more years of Foodstamps, Obamaphones, Shovel-ready jobs with higher borrowing, spending and taxes to get their job fixing the economy done. All this is bunk.

We have seen consistently and historically that government growth correlates inversely with prosperity. 

Grow government and shrink the economy. Shrink government and grow the economy. 

The historical record shows the more government borrows, controls, spends and takes, the less we the people have left for economy, no matter what the politicians claim.

Government does not create. It destroys, with few exceptions.

Not that 0D government kept promises on closing Gitmo, cutting corporate control of government and domestic espionage, delivering Green Energy, ending on-going wars of aggression with lobbyist government, fixing the economy and healthcare, putting Americans back to work and reducing taxes on the middle class.

Obamacare created death and healthcare rationing panels, 20+ new taxes on the middle class, 20,000 new IRS agents and $48 an hour Acorn jobs as Obamacare Navigators at more expense to our economy and productive jobs:
The fact is, government cannot, does not create economic productive jobs by raising borrowing, spending, red tape and taxes.

Government empties the pockets and rides on the backs of productive people. 

President Reagan claimed and proved this by reducing government bureaucratic red tape, cutting taxes and growing the powerful productive American economy at an 8% rate in 1984, collapsing the Soviet Empire and saving social security. In 1986 the Reagan dollar hit the highest value in 26 years.

To be fair, his budget deficit military spending also took America from the largest creditor nation to the largest debtor nation and devalued the dollar almost in half by 1987.

Today in 2013 China, Germany and Russia are the world’s largest surplus trade nations. 

The US fiat reserve dollar of workers, trade and savers is only used in half of foreign nations now for trade. 

The USD is in danger of further devaluation under Obama, having already fallen as much as -18%.

Upside down derivative fractional reserve banks could quickly take down the dollar and economy with a run that exceeds FDIC reserves and credit lines. 

The next step could be Argentine or Cypriot style confiscation of European and American deposits, pensions and retirement funds, converting depositors into mandatory shareholders in bad bank investments by force majeure. 

We already saw MFG and other financial firms confiscate segregated client assets without regulatory recourse. 

After asset seizures fail to offset the defaulting deflating debt derivatives bubble, the dollar could be devalued with the Bernanke Ben Franklin Helicopter scenario.

It is not too late to head off a financial holocaust rivaling Hungary, the Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe by returning the dollar to Constitutional gold and silver:

AAPL, GOOG or XOM could use their offshore cash hordes to start the process of restoring integrity to the dollar economy by offering instant customer access to secured electronic gold and silver reserves by Internet.

The key to the 2014 election resolution may be the petrodollar, labour participation rate and the misery index.

Despite the prospect of energy self-sufficiency and hopeful resurgence of the American manufacturing base with a devalued dollar, the dirty secret is that fracking can pollute and shorten the life of wells. 

The dollar may temporarily become the strongest currency as defacto debt default depression and other nations race to devalue their currencies to write off their debts with the delusion that Smoot Hawley competitive devaluations in the race for zero bottom can garner more trade:

The fact is, lowering currencies for trade advantage raises production costs that offset perceived advantages. 

Losing a little on each product or transaction but trying to make up for it with volume does not work well, as manufacturers and service companies proved time and again.

Economic indicators based on long-term budget and trade balances suggest the dollar is in so much trouble the over-indebted Government may, like Argentina or Cyprus, grab deposits, pensions and retirement plans of the few savers left:

The $85 Billion a month Fed-engineered Quantitative Easing (QE) booms in bonds and stocks holding up $223 Trillion of bank casino derivatives cannot last forever:

At 63.3%, our American Labour Participation rate is the lowest since May 1979, when Carter was President and not re-elected in 1980:

This means more than a third of Americans who can and need to work are unemployed and going off unemployment compensation after up to 99 weeks. 

They may try to survive on disability and food stamps at poverty levels. Then they may turn to crime, rending the social fabric like Les Miserables.

A sixth of all Americans receive food stamps and a fifth of Americans receive a Social Security check, with a fifth of them on disability.

America spends as much on the military in 150 countries as all other nations combined. There were trillions reported missing in the Pentagon, according to a former Secretary of Defense. 

America has expanding unfunded liability mandates of $123 Trillion, including diplomacy, entitlements, espionage, military and subsidies:

How can we grow our economy by giving mandatory tax handouts from those fewer left employed?

The Official Misery Index, the sum of inflation and unemployment that got Reagan elected over Carter in 1980 with 22% Misery, hit 13% under Obama:

The defacto true Misery Index is closer to 33% with a 10% true cost of living increase and 23% real unemployment:

With 58 million Americans depending on social security and talk of a further Obama Chained-CPI cut in Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA’s), a significant block of voters may not buy broken OD promises to fix things by 2014, let alone 2016. 

With 90 million Americans no longer employed after offshoring, importing and subsidizing low wage H1-B and illegal jobs with free education, foodstamps, healthcare, prison and welfare, we are talking about a total voting block of 148 million disaffected voters in 2014 and 2016, almost half the American population of 316 million.

After suffering extreme left-right party gridlock in Washington, DC, they may welcome the center left and center right Constitutional progressives and libertarians to get the job of government reform done.

All we need to accomplish to effect constructive reform of government is to get these 148 million disaffected disenfranchised Americans to vote. 

To vote, they need candidates and principles worth voting.

For perspective, there are 143 million working Americans and 113 million American taxpayers supporting 90 million Americans who dropped out of the workforce.  

There are 50 million Americans living in poverty, 48 million living on food stamps, 46 million retired, 23 million government employees, 21 million unemployed and 14 million disabled Americans:

A number of them broke US laws to come here illegally and sponge off the system, depriving Americans of a living wage or job in many cases. Corporate government got cheap labour and votes in the deal with the devil, while losing law, order, peace and prosperity.

If 0Ds and enabling GOPs give illegals a second free ride leg up, there may be electoral hell to pay. Americans are fed up and not going to take it any more, watching foreigners eat their lunch.   

This is a considerable voting block of alienated angry Americans who can no longer afford or recognize the American Dream.

Foodstamps, Make-work government jobs, Obamacare and Obamaphones do not win 0D coattail heirs a third election. 

Especially after the Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies, including Social Security, were reported buying 2 billion in lethal hollow point bullets, plus assault weapons and armoured vehicles to deliver them.

The OD government bordered on tyranny by seeking to deny and violate Bill of Rights Constitutional protections for all Americans, while using MSM to pangloss it over as National (In)Security against terrorism.

How about government protecting peace and prosperity for a change?            

If we have a stock market correction of -15% that further impairs promises of economic recovery for the 1%, plus impairs healthcare, pension and retirement plans for many of the 99%, then it’s Katy Bar the door.

Already employers are refusing to hire based on the cost uncertainties of Obamacare.

Americans are waking up to government CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports) hiding gigantic off-budget assets for government entities dwarfing budget deficits.

Government cried wolf while holding mountains of assets. 

This is a recipe for the same privatisation the Austrian Libertarian Reagan and Thatcher employed to liberate their economies, refusing to join and surrender to the unproductive tyranny of collective.

It does not take a village dictating bureaucratic red tape and taxes. It takes freedom, individual courage and creativity.

In essence, MSM now focus on government budget deficits and ignore government CAFR balance sheets. 

Government balance sheets include $577 Billion in California and much more on a Federal level:

On the Reagan Task Force we battled to end government deficits accumulated over six decades in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, including ending government waste with the Grace Commission, largely ignored by a Democrat Congress.

At the White House Conference on Small Business, we advocated for a return to Constitutional principles that made America good, great and prosperous.  

By 1994 our Contract with America elected a Republican Congress that kept its pledges, including balancing the budget in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001, albeit by borrowing from the Social Security Trust Fund Lockbox.

Unfortunately, the GOP caught Potomac Power Swamp fever and began to borrow, complicate and spend like drunken Democrats.  

They were turned out of office in 2006, leading to Obamacare and even bigger government taking a quarter of the economy and impoverishing a record number of Americans, while claiming to help them.

In 2012, we were the only serious Senate candidate to oppose indefinite detention and special interest taxes.

By the end of the day, it is not about political parties, but principles.

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