Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thanks for the Memories and Votes

Voter turnout in Las Vegas Clark County was 33% of registered voters, 13.5% of 2,027,868 residents:

Thus continues the billionaire political party duopoly bought US taxpayers while monopoly media attempt to convince US of the greatest "Republican Wave" since the Great Depression.

What will citizen voters do if the economy continues to deteriorate because of too little liberty and too much debt?:

A) $17.9 Trillion US National Debt, $153,128 per taxpayer

B) $115 Trillion in US Unfunded Liabilities, $987,170 per taxpayer

C) $17 Trillion economy with 37.3% out of work and dependent on government

48% of Americans expect life ahead to be worse.
This may continue until more of US wake up and put our civic duties ahead of and above big bad business and party politics as usual.

Best wishes,

Richard "Ricardo Carlos" Charles

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