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Washington's Farewell Address

More timely than ever

This was prepared for our 3 April 2014 Meet the Las Vegas Candidates Presentation.

Washington’s Farewell Address to Renew Congress

GW: “Among All Americans, first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen."

Many myths of this larger than life man, 6 foot giant in 1700s. 
Here some interesting GW facts:

          The father of America born Virginia 22 Feb 1732, without a middle name

2.      At 11 lost tobacco grower middle class father, quit 6th grade, no internet, iPhone or TV

3.      Poor George Washington taught himself by listening, reading, thinking and visualizing

4.      George Washington wanted to join the Royal Navy, but mother would not let him

5.      GW older half-brother Lawrence married into wealthy Fairfax County Founder Family

6.      So GW military officer and surveyor when muskets were might and land was power

7.      Barbados only foreign country George Washington ever visited

8.      GW contracted smallpox 19 in Barbados with older brother Lawrence there for TB cure

9.      Smallpox immunity saved Commander GW’s life during Revolutionary War epidemic

10.  Washington inherited first of his 319 slaves age 11 in 1743 from his father’s death

11.  GW did not wear a wig. His hair was long, powdered, tied in a ponytail

12.  1754 at 22, led attack on Ohio River French Camp (French & Indian/7 Years World War)

13.  Washington 6+ feet, known as energetic, excellent, all-night popular dancer

14.  At 27 GW married Martha Dandridge Curtis, wealthy widow with two children, in 1759

15.  29 GW inherited Mount Vernon in 1761 from Lawrence: 8000 acres, farmed 3000 acres

16.  Washington designed and oversaw expansion of Mount Vernon to 10,000 acres

17.  Washington considered “foremost farmer” of America, state of the art ag technology

18.  Washington considered by some be best horseman of his time, trained own horses

19.  GW bred strong farm mules from male donkeys from Spain, Malta, South America

20.  George Washington built, operated and owned largest distillery in America

21.  GW attended religious services in many denominations and fraternal lodges

22.  After failed bid for local seat in December 1755, GW won first election in 1758 at 26

23.  Washington dental problems all his adult life, thus quiet, listened more than spoke

24.  Like his mules, GW had no children, raised all of widow wife Martha’s younger relatives

25.  GW many close calls, 2 horses shot out, not seriously wounded, (coat 4 musket balls)

26.  GW actually lost more battles than won in the 6 years led Revolutionary War

27.  GW crossed Hudson/NYC in fog, Delaware/NJ on Christmas Eve for surprise US win

28.  GW Known as “American Roman Cincinnatus,”

29.  GW as private businessman citizen farmer answered call of his country 45 years

30.  GW Civic virtue, humble, modest, principled

31.  Nephew saw GW kneeling to do personal Bible devotions twice a day

32.  Washington first to sign our Constitution

33.  GW only president in US history unanimously elected by Electoral College, twice

34.  Washington espoused right of all Americans to follow conscience in matters of religion

35.  GW investor in co that built canal around Great Falls of the Potomac finished after death

36.  GW became one of the largest prime land holders in the United States, 50,000 acres

37.  GW Master Mason & Astrologer w Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe

39.  Masonic 1st Baron Field Marshall Lord Jeffery Amherst refused King George Commission to fight American Revolution, after winning French & Indian War w smallpox blankets 

41.  GW never occupied White House

42.  GW lived in New York and Philadelphia US Capitals, helped design Washington, DC

44.  President GW founded US Navy, State Department, Supreme Court, Sound US Money

45.  GW helped establish charitable organizations, schools, colleges

46.  Washington choked/died 14 Dec 1799 at 67 in bed: blood-letting 4 flu shut epiglottis

47.  Washington was to be buried two floors beneath U.S. Capitol Rotunda he designed

49.  Now lays in rest at Mount Vernon w Martha & 28 members of family per his last request

50.  Washington’s Tomb in U.S. Capitol empty to this day

51.  Martha Washington protected privacy of her relationship with her husband by destroying the many letters they wrote each other over 40 years of marriage

52.  GW made provision in will to free all his slaves ~ only slave-owning President to do so

53.  GW’s Farewell Address circulation second only to Thomas Paine’s Common Sense

Key GW Farewell Address Points:

1.      Desire to Retire after 45 years of service, and 4, 8 years of reluctant if unanimous rule

2.      Stronger desire to preserve our Union

3.      Warned about Foreign Powers and Domestic Regional Factions

4.      Warned about Overgrown Military Establishments with Standing Armies

5.      Called for Respect in Neutral Politics

6.      Warned of Designing Men using the Divisive Spirit of Political Party

7.      Cited need for Balance of Power in our Country, Government, People and Person

8.      Limit Credit during War and Pay it Down in Peace

9.      Cited need for Morality in America, Government and Politics

10.  (DeTocqueville:  America great because Americans Good)

11.  Neutral Foreign Policy of Trade with All

12.  The Business of America is Small Business

13.  Please Forgive Me My Many Faults

14.  Washington Went into Retirement at 64

15.  Posted entire GW Farewell Address here, where we have more views than past voters

17.  Please Get Family & Friends to Turn Off the TV, Talk with Neighbors, Register and Vote

18.  Word of Mouth works much better than Big Money

19.  In 2012 the US Rep elected by only 16% of Eligible Voters (Half register, half vote)

20.  We the people can and will change that in November 2014

21.  We welcome your support for Constitutional government, Americans First, Thank-you

Read the complete 1796 Farewell Address here: 


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