Monday, December 23, 2013

Civilization, Climate and Government

Raymond Wheeler's LT Civilization Climate Cycles

Because people are affected by weather, the long-term cycles of weather produce similar patterns of behavior and events in history during the same phases of the century-long weather cycle.

"Old civilizations collapse and new civilizations are born on the tide of climatic
change. The turning points occur when cold-dry times reach their maximum severity (1999).

The 100-year weather cycle and its phases are not of precisely equal duration.

The cycle can contract to 70 years or expand to 120.

The cycle is divided into a warm and a cold phase, each of which has a wet and dry period.

The phases are: (1) Cold-Dry, (2) Warm-Wet, (3) Warm-Dry, and (4) Cold-Wet.

We were in a cold-dry phase, which prevailed until about 2000 A.D.

Dr. Wheeler designed a "clock" of the cycles of Cold, Drought, and Civil War.

The 170-year Cycle of Civil War and the 510-year Cycle of Drought intersected in 1999, when another engulfing crisis began.

The next great shift of power is to the East and is exemplified by the ascendancy of China, Japan, and Russia.

We were up to 2000 in the 27th cold-dry phase of the 100-year weather cycle since 540 BC, and the first such since the 1800s.

This was the fifth --- and coldest --- phase of the 6th 500-year cycle of weather determined by Dr. Wheeler.

We reached the climax of a 1,000-year weather cycle that will produce record high temperatures during the first half of the 21st century.

Furthermore, according to Dr. Wheeler, there are possible indications that we are in a period of "reversal" of the alternate 1,000-year weather cycle, in which the evolution of humanity will take a leap forward.

"The problem is to expand prosperity by voluntary means, preserving free market institutions and laws protecting liberty and peace while the expansion process is being achieved.

Now, during the next few decades, this new and powerful class of voters, the working, must, in a sense, be absorbed into the middle class and be given middle-class concepts of free enterprise government.

While assuming greater responsibility, they must experience success in helping government work, or else, when it turns warm again and centralizing trends are under way once more, there will be nothing but stagnation and ruin ahead.

If this happens, the next warm period in 2000 will produce a despotism as catastrophic for modern civilizations of Greek and Roman Empires.

"A new and probably different series of species of similar general form will begin soon, and thus the Earth is about to begin a new phase of history.

"Sometimes there is a cold break in a warm period (but not a true cold phase), usually at the peak of the sunspot cycle. Then the general energy level of the populace begins to rise, and civil wars may erupt. A reformed government with new leadership then comes to power...

For freedom [peace and prosperity], it is essential that we rely on the political mechanism as little as possible, and on the free market mechanism as much as possible. 

Now you may better understand why we are undertaking the burden of a Constitutional Campaign for US Representative in Las Vegas District 1.

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