Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tough Love Works

Tough Love Works
by Richard Charles (Ricardo Carlos)
Possible US Rep Candidate for Las Vegas District 1

Detroit and Trayvon Martin in the same week provided fertile ground for bigger government promoters, from the President and poverty advocates on down, to come out of the shadows and plead their case for more government powers with emotional appeals.

Never mind Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton both have a long history of blackmail race baiting shakedowns of rich corporations, while appropriating authority from authentic Black leaders like Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr, whose descendants agreed with the Zimmerman verdict:

Where in our Constitution does it say government has the right to rob middle class Peter to pay poor Paul?

What government does today does not protect life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness for all, just mostly special interest groups.

If Big Government actually eliminated poverty and war, we would have won the $125 Trillion dollar century-old wars on poverty and war from 1913 on. 

Poverty and war in fact became enormous government industries costing trillions from taxpayers each year.

In 1913 the new Fed and IRS acts, previously ruled unconstitutional, began to finance bigger government.

The Fed, IRS and Wall Street financed government growing faster than our economy and 316 Million population. 

They took livelihoods and money from productive American citizens through deliberate dollar devaluation, inflation, involuntary progressive taxation, rigged markets and subsidized illegal or unproductive members of society with free rides for votes.

All the while they made emotional irrational “politically correct" appeals for middle class taxpayers to just dig deeper and sacrifice their savings for the good of the whole, especially the children:

Nothing could be further from the truth.

These are the same lives aborted by taxpayer dollars because corporate government cares so much for them. As Mother Teresa observed, a civilization that kills its unborn children is not civilized or moral.

Alamo Frontier Hero and Tennessee militia man Congressman Davy Crockett thought so little of unconstitutional forced government welfare that he invested his entire US Representative career opposing it.

He began with a congressional speech called, “Not Yours to Give.” His logic defeated a House bill to spend $20,000 of taxpayer money on a Navy widow:

"Mr. Speaker — I have as much respect for the memory of the deceased, and as much sympathy for the suffering of the living, if suffering there be, as any man in this House, but we must not permit our respect for the dead or our sympathy for a part of the living to lead us into an act of injustice to the balance of the living.

"I will not go into an argument to prove that Congress has no power to appropriate this money as an act of charity. Every member upon this floor knows it. We have the right, as individuals, to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right to so appropriate a dollar of the public money.”:

To show just how divisive, empty and illusory these choreographed claims of government welfare are, let’s casually debunk the big corporate government monopoly narrative from the longest running show in the world on TV today, Meet the Press (on air with NBC since 4 December 1947):

Host David Gregory opened with:

“This Sunday… The president seeks to ignite a new conversation about race in America.”

We have been having impassioned conversations about race and slavery in America at least 400 years, since before the US Constitution, War of 1812, Abolitionists, Civil War, assassination of President Lincoln, the 13th Amendment on 6 December 1865 abolished slavery, President Harry Truman integrated the military, Ike sent troops to Little Rock and Presidents Johnson and Nixon passed Civil Rights Acts:

It is remotely possible this “conversation” may again re-ignite ethnic race riots as we saw before 118 times in American history, where corporate monopoly government special interests benefitted from divide and conquer inflammatory rhetoric:

President Obama:

“Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.”

Not really. 

You were elected twice against weak candidates Mr President, by just 32.6% and 29.7% of eligible American voters, not a majority of Americans:,_2008,_2012

We Americans still deserve better inspiration from our leaders including a Nobel Peace Laureate who used drones and depleted uranium to commit genocidal war crimes:

Trayvon Martin, despite the misleading monopoly media narrative, was 6-3 with a burglary tool found at the Sanford scene. 

Mr Martin wore a dental grill, Facebooked and You-Tubed gang sign behaviour and dress. Mr Martin had three suspensions from school for illegal drugs and possession of jewelry (impounded) with a screwdriver.

Mr Martin's cell phone had 600 incriminating cell phone criminal links indicating prior involvement with drugs, gang fighting and firearms that your Special Prosecutor and Judge would not admit as evidence:

Much emotional media hype and obfuscation continuing today after 15 months described George Zimmerman as a white vigilante when he was actually the German, Hispanic and Black son of a Judge who called the cops and had criticized the white son of a Sanford Police officer for beating up a black homeless man:

On June 26, 2012, the lead investigator of the case, Christopher Serino, was transferred out of the Sanford Police Department's investigative unit and reassigned to the patrol division at his own request. Serino said he felt pressured by several of his fellow police officers to press charges on Zimmerman when he believed there was not enough evidence to do so, and that one of the officers pressuring him was a friend of Martin's father:

The facts presented in a court of law were that on a rainy evening of 26 February 2012 in a gated community in Sanford, Florida, a Black teenage male suspended from school for drugs and peering into windows was shot dead on top of a middle-aged Neighborhood Watch Coordinator who was screaming for his life after he called the police and was jumped:

Sanford is a middle class multi-ethnic, multi-racial former Naval Air Station and current Amtrak auto train terminus community on Lake Monroe and St John’s navigable river in Central Florida near Disney World. 

Sanford is where #42 Jackie Robinson trained for the Brooklyn Dodgers and experienced racism. Maybe it is just a subliminal coincidence the movie '42' was simultaneously released: 1:47

Sanford has an above national average crime rate and uses Neighborhood Town Watches dating from Colonial America:

The court facts presented were that 17 year-old lean and mean 6-3 Trayvon Martin attacked a 29 year-old overweight 5-7 armed Neighborhood Watch Coordinator who did his job by calling police regarding a suspicious character in a hoodie casing homes by peering into windows. 

The police arrived in just two minutes.

In those two minutes George Zimmerman fought for his life after he was attacked by an aggressive man 8 inches taller with a longer reach. 

Mr Zimmerman’s nose was broken. Mr Zimmerman was knocked to the ground. Mr Zimmerman’s skull was repeatedly smashed on the concrete by Trayvon Martin like an Ultimate Fighting Contender on top of him, who muffled Mr Zimmmerman's screams and told him, "You're gonna die tonight.":

There were 8 witnesses, most of whom were not admitted by the Special Prosecutor or Judge:

Mr Zimmerman reached for his gun, which Mr Martin tried to take from him, until Mr Zimmerman shot him once and killed him:

Mr Zimmerman was treated for a bloody nose and multiple head wounds the media first denied he had, a claim one court witness repeated: (see pictures in squad car)

NBC Nightly News,NBC Today Show and the NBC Miami Affiliate deceptively edited the 911 udio tape to make it sound like Mr Zimmerman was a racial profiler. After Erik Wemple of the Washington Post called them on it, they fired three NBC employees and issued a quiet apology that did not air:

Mr Zimmerman sued NBC Universal for defamation:

After he was cleaned up by medics at the scene, ABC News obtained a surveillance video of Zimmerman walking unassisted into the Sanford police station after the shooting. An officer is seen pausing to look at the back of Zimmerman's head, but ABC originally said that no abrasions or blood can be seen in the video.The Daily Caller disputed this claim, and posted a still from the ABC video which showed the injury on the back of Zimmerman's head. ABC later reported that it had "re-digitized" the video, and said that this version showed "what appear to be a pair of gashes or welts on George Zimmerman's head," but the story's main focus was on a doctor who claimed it was unlikely that Zimmerman's nose had been broken. One look at the picture of Mr Zimmerman in the door of the squad car and it is clear he suffered a broken nose:

Mr Zimmerman was questioned by Sanford Police for five hours and released. 

The Sanford police chief said Mr Zimmerman was released for lack of evidence and lack of legal grounds for arrest, and that Zimmerman had a right to defend himself with lethal force.

Six weeks later a monopoly media circus showed pictures of TM as an innocent little boy, accused Mr Zimmerman of financial fraud with his spontaneous defense fund and covered up crucial evidence. 

The Police Chief was forced to resign at taxpayer expense in a media political witch hunt. 

The baying media hounds and New Black Panthers who put a target on Mr Zimmerman's back and million dollar bounty on his head, claimed the support of athletes and entertainers (as well as CNN and NBC), telling President Obama to “do his job on this one”: 4:39

Mr Zimmerman paid a one million dollar bond for bail and his family went into hiding for their safety:

Thank God for a trial jury of peers per our Constitution 16 months later.

Now you, Mr President and your Attorney General, after refusing to prosecute ACORN, Illegal Alien and New Black Panther election fraud, want to go after George Zimmerman for civil damages and endless government litigation fueled by race baiters further dividing our great nation. 

You are using a free pass from corporate monopoly media profitting by playing the race card over and over again, like the Ronald King LAPD arrest beating “news” until it caused LA casualties and riots 21 years ago: 1:33

"David Gregory: The president's deeply personal remarks about the after effects of the George Zimmerman trial add to the debate about stand your ground laws, racial profiling  and the plight of African American boys in the criminal justice system and our society.”

Trayvon Martin was not a boy. He was 17 and 6-3, suspended three times from school with a burglary tool, jewelry and drugs, old enough to volunteer for the military with parental permission.

Our Second Amendment protects all Americans' right to bear arms to defend themselves and their nation,

The facts are 58% of 2.3 million prison inmates were African Americans. 

Some of them were innocent, plea-bargained without a jury trial, set-up or railroaded by the “correctional” industry that quadrupled its involuntary customers from 1980 to 2008 to number one in the world, making the USA a defacto prison state, especially with mandatory non-violent marijuana incarceration law terms at the Federal level:

Does this justify racial violence or better justice?

From 1999 to 2009, more than 52,000 African Americans were killed in homicides, 47,000 of them by mostly illegal guns in urban jurisdictions that ban guns. 94% were in fact murdered by other African-Americans:

What racial profiling plight of “boys," beyond that self-imposed with racial stereotypes based on fact?

Yes, many cops and racist of all colours are prejudiced. 

For over four centuries government has not found an effective way to eliminate injustice by passing more and more laws and spending more and more taxpayer money. 

Now our economy is contracting a real -2% a year from big bad government:

“If Trayvon Martin was of age and armed, could he have stood his ground on that sidewalk? (out here) and do we actually think that he would have been justified in shooting Mr. Zimmerman who had followed him in a car because he felt threatened.”

Mr President, these were not the actual evidence and facts presented in a court of law. A Constitutional Law Professor would know this.

“With us: the president of the national urban league, Marc Morial; chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Congresswoman Marcia Fudge; author and PBS host Tavis Smiley; former chairman of the RNC Michael Steele; and Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree.”

What do all these panelists have in common beside being Black?

They profit from race despite our 14th Amendment that states in part:

“ No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.":

“Plus ...
The remarkable financial collapse of a major American city ... Detroit files for bankruptcy ... What's next for its residents - including thousands of city employees and retirees - and what does it say about the plight of America's cities in this fragile economic recovery?”

There’s nothing remarkable about the financial collapse of Detroit at all. 

Borrow and spend more money than you have for sixty years and this is the inevitable result. 

According to the Mayor of Detroit, NBA Hall of Famer David Bing, "Detroit is just the first city of many dominoes that will probably fall:"

Similar is happening with Federal government. Since 1913, the privately owned Fed IRS franchise created fiat usury Federal Reserve Notes out of thin air, devalued the dollar and paid 20 times leveraged 6% (120%) usury dividends to the hidden Fed owners. 

The Fed IRS money trust raised the cost of living through monetary inflation, an invisible tax, and lowered the standard of living through excess taxation, arguably unconstitutional taxation without representation. 

It is only a matter of time for the Federal Government to face financial reality also.

The principle of something for nothing is financially and morally bankrupt and does not prevail.

What a unique moment Friday was for this presidency, for any presidency.  And, Congresswoman, I wanna start with you.  Describe the impact of the president coming out at the White House speaking about race in such a personal and, frankly, off-the-cuff way.
I was very proud, quite frankly.  I think that it was timely, but more importantly I think that he could feel the anger that was going around across this country.  And he felt that he needed to respond in a way that I think took a lot of courage.
For him to basically say that we have a situation where a young man is basically convicted of his own murder, that someone can hunt you down and then say, "I'm afraid," and kill you; he made it clear that Trayvon Martin had rights as well.  And he made it clear as well that African American men, for history, for a very, very long time, have had to deal with this problem.”

It is truly frightening we have members of Congress and media who ignore due process including evidence, law enforcement, the court, the law and common sense, to twist facts to demagogue and race bait to the lowest denominator. 

Mr Martin was not convicted of his own murder. Mr Martin was not hunted down. Mr Martin was the aggressor. Mr Zimmerman was found Not Guilty by a jury of his peers in a court of law.

“When Trayvon Martin was first shot I said that this could have been my son.  Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago.  And when you think about why, in the African American community at least, there's a lot of pain around what happened here, I think it's important to recognize that the African American community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history that doesn't go away.”

Mr President, you demean the deaths of 52,000 African Americans a previous decade, deaths approaching the Vietnam War, most of them killed by other African-Americans using illegal guns, to promote the unconstitutional anti-gun agenda of your party. 

Could any of those 52,000 black on black deaths have been your son or you 35 years ago? 

Race baiting by a half-white President is very unbecoming to America, about as credible as President Clinton regretting he did nothing about the Rwanda genocide.

A history that doesn't go away.  And yet, Tavis Smiley, you were critical of the president.  You said on Twitter, "His comments were as weak as pre-sweetened Kool-Aid.  He took too long to show up and express outrage."
I appreciate and applaud the fact that the president did finally show up.  But this town has been spinning a story that's not altogether true.  He did not walk to the podium for an impromptu address to the nation; he was pushed to that podium.  A week of protest outside the White House, pressure building on him inside the White House pushed him to that podium.  So I'm glad he finally arrived.
But when he left the podium, he still had not answered the most important question, that Keynesian question, where do we go from here?  That question this morning remains unanswered, at least from the perspective of the president.  And the bottom line is this is not Libya, this is America.  On this issue, you cannot lead from behind.
What's lacking in this moment is moral leadership.  The country is begging for it, they are craving it.”

Mr Tavis is correct DC spins stories that are not true, and this is one. It is funny he mentioned Keynesian and brought up Libya, an African war secretly armed and funded by unwilling taxpayers and the Nobel Laureate using NATO as a cover, a war against a decentralized direct democracy that began and ended in Benghazi, funded Al Qaeda terrorists who engaged in ethnic cleansing, tortured and assassinated a leader who raised standards of living, life expectancy and literacy by developing Libyan natural resources of aquifer irrigation and sweet crude to replace him by a reactionary Arab Spring Muslim Brotherhood ITC like that that failed in Egypt amidst continuing strife:

Neo-Keynesianism is the discredited theory of a Kings College Bursar and Mathematician turned government economist who allegedly believed governments could borrow, spend and tax their way to prosperity, a theory disproved by FDR turning the 1929 Market Crash into the 1929 to 1949 Great Depression and World War II. To be fair to Lord Baron Keynes, he admitted:

I work for a Government I despise for ends I think criminal.”

To Tavis' point, Professor, there has been criticism.  It's been building over the course of the week.  Janet Langhart Cohen wrote in the Washington Post, journalist and author, on Tuesday that he had imposed himself in this silence about race.
And she wrote this:  "During this period of self-imposed silence, we have watched our criminal laws become radicalized, our race criminalized.  Blacks continue to be faced with punishing unfairness and inequalities, soaring rates of unemployment, discriminatory drug laws, disproportionate prison sentences, unequal access to health care and healthy food, unfair stop-and-frisk policies, and accidental shootings of unarmed black men by the police; even more are treated with indifference of contempt.  We're told to stop complaining, to get over it, no one cares."  Tavis' argument that this has not been part of this president's agenda.”

Is the glass half full or half empty?

In fact, this is more race baiting. 

Affirmative action for blacks backlashed into popular Constitutional laws like the Prop 209 California and Michigan Civil Rights Initiatives and lawsuits like US Regents vs Bakke challenging reverse discrimination. In fact, UC graduation rates of African-Americans increased as much as +56% after affirmative action was eliminated, likely due to better qualified applicants who did not depend on government largesse oblige:

But that's the key piece, the discussion that starts and ends quickly.  I hearken back to the gun debate, and the president bootstrapped the gun argument with his initial comments the day of the jury verdict in a way that was disconnected.  And if you look at the momentum behind that discussion, coming off of Sandy Hook [and Aurora and US Rep Gabrielle Giffords], and the raw emotion from the American people saying, "We want something done here. Let's move on this."
What happened?  The discussion dissipated.  Then this was something that the president came out again and heralded, but then let the steam fall out of it.  So my concern on this is it's great to step to the podium-- I tend to agree with Tavis.  It's great to step to the podium to be in that moment, but then it's not so much leading but continuing to inspire the conversation so that it doesn't die on the vine--”

Mr Steele correctly divined that the race baiting is a back door to the unconstitutional anti-gun agenda.

Okay, but what is this, in particular?  I mean, the president spoke about wringing bias from our lives.  These are intimate conversations between blacks and whites that are very difficult to have in a big public setting.  But I think when you start boiling it down, it is the question that I thought he was asking, which is:  What is the "this" ?  There's no federal program that can deal with this.  So how does he lead and on what does he lead.
There is no federal program that would lead on this.  But for me-- he gave a State of the Union address this past year, he talked about the idea that we have to do something about guns, and he talked very candidly about that.  He talked about Gabby Giffords, he talked about all the victims.  He says, "We want a vote.  We simply want a vote."  And that was him saying, "I want this to happen," and there was a vote, and it failed, right?  So he's been pushing that issue on and on again.
In terms of what he's done for the community, it's very obvious when you look at the things that make a big difference.  He's been pushing a jobs plan from the beginning, without success.”

We agree with Mr Gregory and Professor Ogletree that there is no federal program that can deal with this (race baiting).

We also agree with Harvard Professor Ogletree that this is all about gun confiscation and the (government) jobs plan(s) have failed.

Real defacto unemployment in America is still 28.27% after government indebting and spending trillions of taxpayer dollars:

Professor, let me just see if I can help put some of this in context as well.  You look at what has happened in 2013.  We've got obviously the Trayvon Martin that everybody's talking about.  This is happening to black boys across this country every day.  You look at the fact that we have a Supreme Court that just gutted the Voting Rights Act.”

There is that black boy shibboleth again. A 6-3 gangsta who could volunteer at 16 with parental consent to die in the military is not a boy. The Supreme Court found that using 40 year-old voting data to micro-manage voting at the county level is no longer responsive to current needs:

Federal control of county voting also appeared to violate the Ninth and Tenth Amendments in our Bill of Rights. They protect rights not enumerated in our Constitution and limit Federal government powers to those enumerated in our Constitution:

And they're trying to do the same thing with affirmative action.  You look at a House of Representatives who, just last week, took food stamps out of the farm bill.  You look at this past week where they have decided to block Title 1.
We are being attacked from so many sides that you have to at some point decide where you can have the most impact. “

This is a US Representative who ignores our Constitution to favour special interests that do not represent all Americans, let alone the majority of Americans.

How about the particular issue of the law that seemed to loom so large over this situation, and that is the Stand Your Ground law?  In Florida, 21 other states have a law that really redefined the concept of what we consider to be self-defense.

It's time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods. // These laws try to fix something that was never broken. There has always been a legal defense for using deadly force if - and the "if" is important - no safe retreat is available.”

Here is the anti-gun unconstitutional Trayvon Martin wedge agenda yet again.

Now, Michael Steele, some Republicans have immediately politicized this into the gun debate and said-- when I say "politicized," I'm not making a judgment.  But they are putting this into the gun argument about the ability to defend one's--
--self.  In this particular case, you had the police officers who told George Zimmerman, "Don't pursue this young man."
That's right.
"Don't do that."  He gets back into his car, he says he feels a threat, and he follows him --
That's what the attorney general, what the president's talking about.
Well, and that's what the facts tell us.  But the question now becomes is this a proper role for the federal to go into or--
Versus the states?
Versus the states.  To go into all 21 states now and tell them how to change their laws or to remake their laws?  No.  I mean, this is something that's going to have to get worked out state by state.  You have 21 states, other states out there as well, so it's not just Florida.
So when we start this conversation, you have people talking about, "Well, I'm going to boycott Florida.  I'm not going to perform there, I'm not going to go there."  Well, you're not going to go to the 21 other states?  There's got to be some level of consistency, number one.  Number two, on the political side of it, again, the facts of the Trayvon Martin case, this was not brought into it.  This was not the underlying argument that was made.  The defense backed off that--
--as a defense.  My understanding--
However -- there was a jury instruction, and people have missed the fact that the jury instruction was cited by one of the jurors--
As the reason --
--as the reason for the acquittal.  So it was an issue in the case.  And these Stand Your Ground laws, what's striking about them is how they got on the books.  They got on the books because of an effort by the N.R.A., in conjunction with A.L.E.C., to introduce them and pass them in states across the nation.  It is the role of the nation's chief justice--
And this --
--so who is the attorney general--
But, Marc, do you know who's used the Stand Your Ground law in Florida the most is African Americans.
In fact, Michael, it's not just in Florida--
But that doesn't mean--
The reality is that another group pushed Stand Your Ground, but African Americans have been using it around the country--”

Finally, two admissions that Stand Your Ground laws in 21 states benefit African-Americans and all Americans, the Federal Government should stay out of State's Rights and one admission the facts of the Zimmerman case were twisted by those with an anti-gun racist agenda.

The most important thing is that the Stand Your Ground law is one of the things that has incited and ignited, I believe, this movement across the nation which I think, David, is the beginning of a new civil rights movement to challenge these issues, because of what the congresswoman has said.  The landscape has changed. The Voting Rights Act decision by the Supreme Court, which was striking in its superficiality; the Trayvon Martin incident; and everything from the police officers not arresting George Zimmerman at the very beginning, to the need for a special prosecutor, to the fact that the special prosecutor herself did not participate in trying the case; to the composition of the jury; to the way in which the case was tried; all the way to the verdict strikes people as just mountains of evidence--”

Monday morning legal quarterbacking, especially when it is racist, does not work for African Americans or all Americans. 

Our 5th Amendment of our Constitution does not allow double jeopardy, being tried twice. It prescribes rules for indictment by grand jury, protects the right to due process, and prohibits self-incrimination and double jeopardy:

These laws were followed in the George Zimmerman trial and he was acquitted.

Let me-- well, let me ask this, Professor-the attorney general is looking at this as a potential civil rights violation against George Zimmerman.  I heard the president, to me, sort of lower expectations--
Exactly.  Exactly.
--for that being made.  On what basis?
The reality is that this is not a federal issue, it's a state issue, and states have moved forward and talked about Stand Your Ground and a lot of other issues as well.  And I think he's saying the federal government can't do anything.  We can be behind it.  Rodney King, it was the state that started, didn't do well, and then the federal government came in.  And a lot of these cases of people being assassinated, people being killed, being beaten, the federal government is there and responsive to that, but not the--
And I think, David, that's what the protestors-- and I celebrate them.  I applaud the efforts in these 100 cities yesterday.  But I think what they missed is what you've just astutely pointed out.  The president basically said to us, without saying to us, "This ain't goin' no further.  You can march and protest and rally--"
I don't think-- The mistake that people make is to prejudge an investigation before it takes place.
Well, the attorney general will decide. But the president did seem to—
But I understand about the Stand Your Ground laws.  But there are some things we can do.  We at the Congressional Black Caucus, have put in place, at least dropped over the last couple of weeks, racial profiling laws because that's what this law is.  I don't care what they say it was; that is what it was.  And so if we start to do some things from the congressional perspective, maybe they can help.  But let me just say this:  I don't care how many laws you put in place, you cannot legislate about prejudice or bias or racism.  You cannot do it.  And so all we can do is the best we can.”

Isn’t retrying George Zimmerman post-judgment prejudice against a sound legal decision by a jury of peers in a court of law with due process?

Wasn’t even arresting and trying George Zimmerman after the DA and Police found insufficient grounds for a trial and an outside special Federal Special Prosecutor was brought in, an expensive abomination of justice at taxpayer expense?

The Stand Your Ground laws make no mention of race. They are most certainly not racial profiling laws. 

We agree no matter “how many laws you put in place , you cannot legislate about bias, prejudice or racism.”

Can I put something else on the table that goes to the racial profiling debate, that is provocative.  It was from Bill Cohen in the Washington Post, his column on Monday.  I'll put it up on the screen and get your reaction to it-- Richard Cohen, excuse me.
"Where is the politician," he writes, "who will own up to the painful complexity of the problem and acknowledge the widespread fear of crime committed by young black males?  This does not mean that wild racism has disappeared and some judgments are not the product of invidious stereotyping.  It does mean though that the public knows young black males commit a disproportionate amount of crime.  "In New York City, blacks make up a quarter of the population yet they represent 78% of all shooting suspects, almost all of them young men."

No kidding. Finally, a little reality therapy from a member of the monopoly media.

He acknowledged that, number one.  Number two, most blacks are killed by other African Americans and most whites are killed by other whites and I'm sick and tired of having this debate as if there's something unusual about that.  You kill people in the communities where you live and work and rob.  That's how this works, number one.
But with all due respect to Marc and Tree, all I'm saying is this:  This is not a chronos moment, this is a kairos moment.”

In other words, it is time for unconstitutional political opportunism, also known as mob rule? No, it is time for representative leadership in DC instead of special interest politics as usual.

But back to your point about New York City, one of the reasons that African American men tend to make up a disproportionate number is because of profiling.  You've got two kids on a street, in New York in particular with their "stop and frisk" policies, they're going to pick up the black kid.  Not to say that the white kid wasn't committing a crime, but the black kid gets in the system and never gets out.  Or they decide, "You know, but he's from a good family.  Let's put him in a diversion program," but the black kid gets a record.  Profiling has a lot to do with those numbers as well, and they are skewed based on the perception that black kids--
But one thing that's  going to have to be on the table is the economic opportunities jobs.  And the obstructionism about summer jobs, jobs plans, jobs training that's taken place in this nation after the recession, when this unemployment rate is so high.  It can't be done with a law enforcement approach alone.  It has to be done with an economic opportunity approach.  So I hope that this conversation is going to confront the very challenging issue of economic opportunity.”

More subjective racial politics before Mr Morial told the truth. 

Official African American unemployment is 13.7%, almost twice the overall national rate. Only recent graduates have higher rates:

The actual black unemployment figure is at least double that, as illegal aliens, undocumented workers, displace unskilled black employment.

At last we come to the decisive defining moment for election voting booth insight:

Government believes more big government borrowing, red tape, special interest spending and taxing is the answer to everything, especially jobs. 

Government apologists ignore Assistant Secretary of Labor Senator Moynihan’s Department of Labor study based on research dating back to the 1930s, on what welfare government did to replace slavery, destroy the Black family and perpetuate poverty in the Negro community:

"The steady expansion of welfare programs can be taken as a measure of the steady disintegration of the Negro family structure over the past generation in the United States."

“without access to jobs and the means to contribute meaningful support to a family, black men would become systematically alienated from their roles as husbands and fathers. This would cause rates of divorce, abandonment and out-of-wedlock births to skyrocket in the black community (a trend that had already begun by the mid-1960s)—leading to vast increases in the numbers of female-headed households and the high rates of poverty, low educational outcomes, and inflated rates of abuse that are associated with them.”:

There is this bigger question.  You think about major institutions, whether Washington is broken.  Schools, cities.  George Packer, we discussed the book that he's written called The Unwinding:  An Inner History of the New America. And he writes this, in part:  "No one can say when the unwinding began, when the coil that held Americans together in its secure and sometimes stifling grip first gave way. Like any great change, the unwinding began at countless times, in countless ways.  At some moment, the country, always the same country, crossed a line of history and became irretrievably different.  If you were born around 1960 or afterward, you have spent your adult life in the vertigo of that unwinding.  You watched structures that had been in place before your birth collapse like pillars of salt across the vast, visible landscape."  You think a lot about this concept of whether this is American decline, or if this is something much more temporary and narrow.”
It's not American decline, it's class.  We've had a lot of discussion about race on the show today; to me, the class divide is bigger than the race divide.  If you're in the educated class, college-educated communities, you're not seeing decline.  You've got intact family structures, you've got rising incomes; you're doing fine.
If you're in the less-educated, whether you're African American, Latino, white, Asian, you're seeing collapsing social structures, you're seeing 70% of African American kids born out of wedlock; 65% of Latino, high percent of poor white kids.  And so what you're seeing is this collapse of order on the bottom.  If you're born into a certain class, there are certain railroad tracks.  You just go along the tracks, and--
You know what, David, that's inconsistent with what the 20th century was about.  Because what the 20th century was about was the rise of the middle class and the opening of doors of economic opportunity.  And I think that the class divide, combined with the race divide, is America's greatest 21st century challenge.  But what's changed is the world in which we live.  The world in which we live, with new competitors all across the globe, and within the changing demographics of America.
And so we had substantial progress in the middle of the 20th century when it came to closing the class divide.  We've departed from that.  And what I'm concerned with is that we, in many, many polite circles, do not think that that class divide is a challenge to America's economic competitiveness.
And, Governor, you know, my mother, born in Detroit, grew up at a time when a middle-class job in Detroit was possible, that you could really think about sustaining a family on.
Well, that's the whole point is what is-- if we want Congress to act on anything it is on a strategy to keep and create middle-class jobs in America.  You're right, but we're ensuring the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and that large scope of poor, the group is getting larger.
So how do we create, in a global economy, middle-class jobs in America?”

So we conclude full circle with the inescapable truth that government can not, does not produce productive jobs or prosperity, it can only protect them, which it is not doing. 

Government regulates, subsidizes failure and violence, kills, takes, taxes and throws people in jail.

The fact is, only small businesses from 20 to 500 associates or employees create lasting productive jobs, and government knows it: 

Government laws and regulations written by big business paid political lobbyist special interests destroyed the level playing field and land of equal opportunity in their favour, returning as much as 77,500% on drug industry lobbyist costs at consumer, taxpayer and worker expense: 

The only government strategy that worked in America since before 1492, when the Algonquin, Delaware and Iroquois Confederation governed with their Constitution that became the US Constitution, was defending liberty, life, justice, peace and prosperity:

If only government would get out of our way to defend and support only our Constitution, and not the hijacking of all our freedoms by special interests with a divide and conquer agenda.

Our national agenda is freedom, life, unity and the renewal of American justice, peace and prosperity.

As US Rep Davy Crockett knew, what makes America great is not government charity, an unconstitutional oxymoron, but the self-reliant American melting pot of tough love, so all Americans have an equal opportunity to rise above their circumstances. 

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Sincerely, Richard Charles (Ricardo Carlos)

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