Saturday, February 23, 2013

Welcome Richard Charles for Congressional District 1  

If we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people, under the pretense of taking care of them, they must become happy.
Thomas Jefferson 

If we sincerely want a Constitutional US Representative in Congress who represents all the people of Las Vegas, Nevada and America, rather than the usual insider interests, then this is the right place and time here, now.

We were asked to consider standing for United States House of Representatives for Nevada Congressional District One in 2014.

We will only do that if/when we compile a critical mass of grassroots donors, volunteers and voters well before the end of 2013, when the NV US CD1 race begins reportage.

To get a real representative elected these days requires total commitment by the candidate and all voters at the grassroots level to overrule and outlaw special interests.

We know because we worked on successful elections in both major parties since 1970.

Commitment with broad-based money makes the difference.

In Congressional District One, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in 2012, the winner had a concentrated campaign chest of almost six million dollars. 

Much was from special interests, with chronic fundraising events that compete with actual representation in the US House, where Government Borrowing, Red Tape, Spending and Taxing originate:

We do not accept funds from special interests. We eschew expensive fundraising events. 

$6,000,000 Campaign Chest actually works out to $33 per actual voter in District 1 in the 2014 elections, maybe less if we can inspire more people to register and vote. 

$33 to elect a real representative is less than a nickel a day for two years of real representation as an improvement, a real return on investment for liberty, peace and prosperity.

Here's the campaign math for how we win the responsibility for representing all voters in Congressional District One for better economy and government:

A) Headlines reported the District 1 Freshman won in 2012 with 64% of the vote in a 2:1 D:R district, enough to scare off most challengers.'s_1st_congressional_district_elections,_2012

B) In District One there are 257,797 registered voters:

C) In the most recent election, just 179,278 voted, with more people voting None of the Above than live in all of North Las Vegas:

D) The Freshman District 1 winner was elected with 113,967 votes, 44% of registered voters, not a majority:'s_1st_congressional_district_elections,_2012

The key to earning real representation is to support a real campaign that gets the other 56% of disillusioned voters to show up and vote. 

As Woody Allen said, 80% of success is showing up. 

Supporters of our previous campaigns know we run a tight fiscal ship with efficient insurgent campaigns to represent all voters, not just one party:

We are the Constitutional Candidate for peace and prosperity. This hasn't changed since the 1970s.  

We still do not accept donations from lobbyists, multinational corporations or tax-free organizations.

District One is a significant weathervane Las Vegas area Congressional seat, formerly held by Harry Reid and Shelley Berkley, now rented by a Freshman with her deep pocket special interest donors:'s_1st_congressional_district

Congressional District 1 was in fact redistricted to favour one major party over the other by 53% to 23% of the voter registration.

Our winning campaign will have to include regular serious door to door voter registration drives. It's fun and a good way to meet neighbors to learn what we all have in common. 

CD-1 is winnable with the majority of the voters. 

We appeal to current disenfranchised voters, unhappy with unemployment and inflation combined well over 10%:

Winning Congressional District One to represent all the people of Las Vegas, Nevada and the United States of America, not just one party, sends the significant message that Constitutional Reform is ready for better economy and government in America.

If official unemployment continues to remain above 10% in Las Vegas, with official underemployment higher than 20% in Nevada and more people losing unemployment, more people will be ready to vote for better government in 2014:

To join our Renew Congress with Richard Charles Bandwagon, make a $33 donation right now and sign up here below. 

Then stay tuned.

We will declare if/when we receive enough small donations to make a difference.

By law we must report all contributions over $100.

Click here now to donate:


PS: If you do believe we deserve real representation for a better economy and government, make a difference and send this to family and friends!


New campaign book:

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